Two Alabama teens arrested for beheading puppies, Snapchat videos

Ashley Johnston, 18, and a 17-year-old friend face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after beheading three puppies and sharing video of the act via Snapchat, a popular social media app. The two were arrested in Wilcox County, Ala., on Tuesday.

After beheading three puppies and sharing video of the act via a popular social media app, two Alabama teens face animal cruelty charges following an arrest Tuesday.

Ashley Johnston, 18, and his 17-year-old friend face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, according to Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans. The identity of the juvenile has not been released due to his age.

According to reports, Johnston recorded the 17-year-old throwing the puppies into the air and killing them with a machete at a residence near Camden, Ala.

"It would be fair to say the 18-year-old confessed. He kind of owned it, took the photos, and he actually didn't like it. The pictures were on social media for about 15 seconds," Evans said, as reported by local NBC affiliate WSFA.

The sheriff also told WSFA that Johnston seemed remorseful and emotional during his confession to an investigator.

District Attorney Michael Jackson of Alabama's 4th Judicial Circuit said that several students who attend school with the two teens saw the video of the actual act via the phone app. Soon after, authorities were notified of the gruesome act.

Because Snapchat posts are deleted automatically after they are viewed, area authorities and Jackson must rely on the statements and accounts of witnesses who have seen the video footage firsthand as the investigation of the allegations continues.

Presently, investigators are attempting to pinpoint a reason behind the act.

"From the information that I have so far, this is just two kids being stupid," Evans said to WSFA, regarding a possible motive in the case.

If found guilty, Johnston could be sentenced to spend time in jail for the act while the juvenile offender may be certified as an adult on the charge or sent to juvenile detention, according to Jackson.

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