Those feeling nostalgic for the now-defunct Ford's Coffee Shop may soon be able to taste that flavor again — sort of — thanks to a recent acquisition by Historic New England.

The regional preservation organization recently bought the coffee shop owners' former home kitchen.

Once owned by the Koravos family who ran Ford's Coffee Shop in downtown Andover for four decades, a 1950s era Westinghouse kitchen will join a collection of kitchen equipment ranging from 18th century iron kettles to 1950s electric toasters.

Ken Turino, exhibitions manager, confirmed that the sea foam green, stainless steel kitchen with yellow Formica countertops was purchased early last month.

"It was brought to our attention that this kitchen was on craigslist," Turino said. "Our curators decided this was too good to pass up."

Sold by Olivia and Spiros Sintros,the daughter and son-in-law of the late Thomas and Stella Koravos, the set once served as the family's "show" kitchen.

"In the mid-twentieth century, many Greek and Italian immigrant families used a basement kitchen for everyday meals and reserved the kitchen on the main floor for special occasions," said Susanna Crampton, a spokeswoman for Historic New England.

Both Turino and Crampton said plans for a nationally travelling kitchen exhibition and publication are in the works, and is expected to begin sometime in the fall.

Though its too soon to say if the Andover kitchen would be part of that, Crampton said the topic was currently under review. "But I think everyone here would like to see it happen," she said.

"The important thing about this kitchen is that it adds to our collection of kitchen equipment," Crampton said. "We have a wonderful collection, dating from the eighteenth century up through the 1950s."

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