100 Years Ago July 12, 1912

What would undoubtedly have been a serious train wreck was prevented on Thursday afternoon by the presence of mind of John Kelly, the gate tender at the Essex street crossing at the Boston & Main station. Just before the train was due to pass the station, a big auto truck heavily loaded with furniture and belonging to the Miller Lakin Company of Roxbury, stopped directly on the tracks as a result of the stalling of the engine. Mr. Kelly realized the danger and running to the south end of the station flagged the express, thus enabling the engineer to slow down considerably before the engine struck the truck. The truck was turned completely around and thrown against the gate tender's shanty, moving it several feet. One wheel on the machine was also broken. The three men who were on the truck escaped injury by jumping as the train approached.

One of the horses belonging to the Cross Coal company died this week as a result of the heat.

Several of the rooms in the Tyer Rubber company's factory had to be closed part of this week on account of the heat.

75 Years Ago July 9, 1937

Not a single accident and not a single arrest was the record set up here in Andover over the holiday weekend. Only one fire alarm was sounded, the department being called out at 11 o'clock Monday night to extinguish a blaze on the roof of a double-tenement house in Ballardvale. A hand chemical was sufficient to put out the fire.

Lindsay Kinnear Jr., of Walnut Avenue was injured when a firecracker exploded near his face while he was at Lake Attitash, Amesbury, on the holiday. Harrison Brown of 104 Chestnut St. was treated at the Lawrence General Hospital early Monday morning for superficial burns on the left hand caused by fireworks.

A building to house an office, shop, garage and storage space for the tree and moth departments was advocated this week in a statement issued by tree warden G. Richard Abbott. "Providing enough space to have all equipment in one suitable building would add to the efficiency of the departments," the tree warden said.

50 Years Ago July 12, 1962

Because of inadequate public notice of a hearing on proposed land takings for the new Chapter 90 project on Lovejoy Road in the area of the new Sanborn School, completion of the work will be delayed several weeks.

The warm, sunny weather on Sunday prompted hundreds of Andover residents to seek relief from the heat at Pomps Pond, the town's popular swimming and recreational area. During the high point of the day, more than 1,200 people were counted, and the parking lot was filled to capacity.

Town Manager Thomas E. Duff, upon recommendation of Fire Chief Henry L. Hilton, has given a provisional appointment as a firefighter to Charles M. Keeler, 25, 74 Memorial Circle.

Summer activities of Andover residents resulted in a series of injuries which required medical treatment on Tuesday. [The Townsman went on to list the name, age, and address of Andover residents who went to area hospitals for: a fracture of the right elbow, sustained in a fall while horseback riding; a laceration of the right thumb; a laceration of the chin, and a puncture wound of the right foot.]

25 Years Ago July 9, 1987

The Andover Zoning Board of Appeals Monday night closed the public hearing on Winn Development's "Brookside Estates" comprehensive permit application after a long discussion of drainage issues relative to the proposal. Winn has proposed 190 rental units in 12 two- and three-story, wood-frame buildings, each containing 10 or more units.

Mary Athey Jennings, Andover High School principal for six years, has resigned to accept a similar position in Brookline.

The School Committee made the most of last week's work session, voting to implement Phase One of a system-wide computer plan, calling for the installation of 266 computers in Andover schools this year. The computer plan, estimated to cost the department $637,341 this year, accounts for the purchase and installation of computer hardware and software in all town schools.

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