Andover High School recently announced the names of its students who were inducted into the National Honor Society this school year.

Juniors and seniors who have a grade-point average of 3.75, weighted, or 4.25, unweighted, complete 50 hours of community service, provide letters of recommendation, show evidence of leadership, and participate in a variety of school and community activities are eligible for membership.

"I am very proud of these students," said Brian Shea, AHS English teacher and NHS adviser. "I am always so inspired and impressed by their talents and accomplishments."

The ceremony took place at the Collins Center of the Performing Arts at Andover High School with a reception for students, family, and faculty members afterwards. The NHS Executive Board, made up of six current seniors, chose David Gangi, AHS English teacher, as the evening's guest speaker. In addition, each student chose a faculty member who contributed to his/her academic growth to honor at the ceremony.

Class of 2011

Jason Andreson

Dennis Begos

Ryan Chan

Theresa Cloutier

Meghan Conger

Edward Deane

Matthew Dorros

Alex Morrill

Melissa Ragonese

Rachel Stern

Class of 2012

Rachel Aldrich

Ava Bakhtyari

Kaitlyn Beaumont

Gregory Calabro

Mitchell Carey

Joshua Chevalier

Henry Chuang

Jaymi Cohen

Thomas Cooper

Lily Daigle

Chuyu Deng

Bridgette Dufton

Naisy Flannery

Flora Han

Camille Harris

Marianna Heckendorn

Eden Heller

Sarah Hill

Christopher Hoyt

Robert Hsu

Jenny Hu

Candace Ju

Sarah Kanell

Anne Kuan

Lawrence Lee

Laura Lilley

Emily Lowe

Samuel Malakhovsky

Samantha Marton

Nina Mazzarelli

Kathleen McGinty

Joshua Mintz

Rachel Moore

Nicole Morin

Margaret Mullins

Shannon Murphy

Mohana Nagda

Michaela Olson

Hyungji Park

Elizabeth Pugliese

Hanna Ragonese

Anna Ryan

Charles Schleifer

Syona Shetty

Courtney Stone

Linda Wang

Kaleigh Wilson

Melanie Zakin

Zoe Zimmerman

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