Campbell scores thanks to a perfect pass from Campbell. That’s a goal for Campbell, an assist for Campbell.

Some spectators might think an announcer making that kind of comment made a mistake, reading the same name twice at an Andover High School hockey game.

But, hockey insiders know that there are two Campbells, and the Andover brothers are warming up winter this high school hockey season as they score and assist frequently for their hockey team.

Scott (affectionately called Scottie) is 18 and a senior. Younger brother Mark (affectionately called - you guessed it - Markie) is 16 and a sophomore. They both play first line on the Andover High hockey team and agree that years of playing street hockey in their Johnson Road neighborhood is a key reason why they got those coveted first-line slots.

“Our neighbor, Will Sauerbrunn, is on first line, too,” said Scottie, who is a captain on this year’s team.

The recent 8-1 loss to rival Central Catholic was tough. But, Andover’s lone goal was scored by Scottie Campbell and assisted by - guess who - his brother, Markie.

Scottie recently scored a hat trick against North Andover and Markie assisted him on two of those goals. AHS won that game, 6-3.

“It’s all about hockey for us,” said Scottie as Markie nodded in agreement. “We think alike in hockey so Markie knows what I’m going to do. He sets me up.”

These brothers not only think alike when it comes to hockey, they also look very much alike. Even their hockey shirt numbers are close. Scottie wears number 12 and Markie wears number 13.

“It’s cool standing next to each other during the National Anthem at the start of every game,” Markie said.

“The team always stands there in (numerical) order so I picked 13 so I could stand next to him. He’s a senior so I thought it would be cool to do it for his last year.”

These sons of Dana and Kent Campbell, who also have a sister, Courtney who is an AHS freshman, may be extremely tight during hockey season. But off season they are typical teenagers and hang out with friends who are their own age.

Like most AHS seniors, Scottie is in the midst of a college search. Markie is happy to wait his turn for now. His search will happen soon enough.

Besides, these hockey brothers have several more weeks to rattle a few announcers at away hockey games, because “Campbell scores” and “Campbell assists” is expected to happen again on this team.

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