Sean Chicarello (front left) and Virginia Carroll ( front right) are engaged to be married in 2009. They are both identical twins, and will have their own twin as best man, Stephen Chicarello and maid of honor, Heidi Carroll. They are all originally from Andover.

Guests at the upcoming wedding of Andover natives Sean Chicarello and Virginia Carroll might think they are seeing double. They are both identical twins — and their twins will serve as best man and maid of honor in the ceremony.

Physically, Sean and Stephen Chicarello, 29, and Virginia and Heidi Carroll, 25 are almost mirror images. Sean is right handed and 22 minutes older than Stephen, a lefty. Virginia is one inch taller and one minute older than Heidi.

"There's not much difference (between us) ... We get mistaken a lot," said Sean. "When we were little, we tried to play jokes on our teachers, by switching."

The couple is engaged to be married June 6, 2009.

For the wedding, the couple has picked two styles of tuxedoes for Sean and Stephen to wear, to help guests tell them apart. For the Carroll twins, it will be a little easier — Virginia will be the one in the white dress.

"This is the one day we'll be different," said Virginia with a smile.

"It's nice, always having someone there, a built-in friend," she said, of growing up as a twin. "It's a different kind of sibling bond."

Both the Carroll and Chicarello twins have dressed alike, first by their parents when they were children, and later, unintentionally, as adults. Now, they find it funny whenever they find themselves doing or thinking the same things as their twin counterpart, they said.

As youngsters, Sean and Stephen had their own special twin language. They once had the exact same dream, realizing it after waking up and explaining the dream to each other, Sean Chicarello said.

As teens, Heidi cut her finger once and needed to go to the hospital. While Heidi was being treated, Virginia says her finger hurt — in the exact spot where Heidi had cut herself, even though Virginia didn't know which hand Heidi had injured.

They sometimes buy the same clothes, said Virginia, and once showed up to a 1980s-themed party wearing the same costume.

The couple, they have dated for seven years, are both close with their twin siblings. They knew right away they wanted to include them in the ceremony as they started making plans.

Virginia is the daughter of Alan and Sharon Carroll; besides her twin Heidi, Virginia has an older sister, Victoria, and a brother, Austin. Sean is the son of Leonard and Debbie Chicarello; besides his twin Stephen, he has a brother, Scott.

The couple, both Andover High School graduates, became engaged on Feb. 13 of this year. Sean popped the question through an original song he had written just for the occasion, catching Virginia by surprise.

As a singer/songwriter, "I'm always bringing songs to have her listen to," said Sean, but this day it was different.

Sean had secretly asked Virginia's parents for her hand. The couple was spending time together, and Sean had snuck his guitar — and a diamond ring — into Virginia's house, without her realizing it. At an opportune moment, he ran and grabbed his guitar.

"I had this feeling, 'Oh my God, what's he doing?' I knew something was going on when he came back with his guitar," said Virginia.

Sean began to sing "You and Me," a song he had written for Virginia. He had written the phrase "will you marry me?" into the lyrics.

"When he got to that point, I knew," said Virginia.

As Sean finished the song, he got on one knee and gave her the ring.

"She said, 'Yes,' " said Sean, grinning. "It was pretty emotional."

A recording of Sean singing "You and Me" will play as the couple dances first at their wedding reception.

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