A Nordic Walking class will be offered by the Andover Senior Center on Wednesdays, May 8 through June 12 from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. The class costs $12 and is limited to 10 participants. Denise Boucher, a certified exercise instructor with a special interest and training in Nordic Walking, will lead the class.

“I am especially interested in Nordic Walking because I am an outdoor enthusiast," she said. "I prefer to be outside and taking my work outside really interested me.”

Nordic pole walking includes walking with the use of poles, which creates a better, more whole-body workout than just walking.

The class will meet in the lobby of the Senior Center, 30 Whittier Court, and begin with walks from there. Gradually, the class will begin to explore the maintained walking trails at local reservations. Participants should be able to walk one mile comfortably.

According to Boucher, one of the major benefits of Nordic Walking is that it gets participants outside.

“There is a wealth of research out there indicating that being out in nature has a number of benefits including reduction of stress, depression and anxiety,” she said. “Nordic Walking can give people who are not used to walking on trails in the woods the confidence they need to explore. Using the walking poles helps with balance, gives an upper body workout and improves posture. I find that sometimes older people start moving less because of an unstable knee, or joint pain in feet ankles, knees hips or back. Learning to use the poles correctly can help alleviate these conditions and enable them to walk longer and further without any increase in pain.”

For more information, call or email Kathy Byrne, the Senior Center’s program coordinator, at (978) 623-8320, kathleen.byrne@andoverma.us


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