The School Committee has asked that the town manager put together a committee that will work to determine the fate of Shawsheen School once it is no longer a functioning education center.

Expected to close following the completion of the new Bancroft Elementary School, Shawsheen School will no longer carry its current kindergarten through second grade student population, according to Dennis Forgue, chairman of the School Committee.

A letter recently sent by the School Committee to Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski asks him to create "a similar committee like the Town Yard or the Ballardvale Fire (Station) Committee to look at Shawsheen, assuming we will not need that building as an educational facility three to five years from now," Forgue said.

"The residents in that community will have a lot of interest in what happens," Forgue said. "The important piece is getting the public involved as soon as possible."

On its current timetable, the Bancroft Elementary School should be finished by the fall of 2013, at which point the existing Bancroft will be demolished and additional site work will be completed. Once that process wraps up, school district lines are expected to be redrawn to relieve overcapacity throughout the town, and this is expected to include the closing of Shawsheen School.

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