More baby boomer women are handling the household jobs that used to be primarily men's domain, from fixing doors that come off their tracks, to repairing garage doors that won't open, to stopping leaky sinks and toilets that just keep running.

The BoomerVenture program at Andover's Senior Center is stepping up to help.

Susan Johnson, leader for Habitat for Humanity's all-women building team, is coming to the center on Thursday, March 12, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to answer questions about handling jobs around the house. She expects to attract a mostly female crowd, but men are certainly welcome to attend.

"My first question always is, 'Have you checked the batteries?' or 'Is it plugged in?'" said Johnson, who has been volunteering at Habitat for Humanity for the past six years.

Next week in Andover, she expects to field a variety questions about home repair, but will also discuss her role with Habitat. She had been working on-site on the group's project on Market Street in Lawrence when fire broke out in January 2008. Now, her crew is back, the site has been rebuilt and new occupants are ready to move in.

"We've (Habitat) also got a 'Women Build' event coming up in May," said Johnson, who does some subcontracting.

Johnson was a participating construction crew chief when her home was renovated.

"I have always liked renovating, so I went to a builder session for Habitat," she said. "And I'm still here."

The normal $20 fee for this course has been waived. Instead, participants will be asked to make a donation to Habitat.

As a special program bonus, participants can e-mail Johnson with specific questions prior to the session and she will have an answer worked out before the class. Visit to send an e-mail or call 978-623-8321.

What Every Woman Should Have:

good hammer

good tape measure

set of good screwdrivers

Source: Susan Johnson, leader for Habitat for Humanity's all-women building team

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