CARL RUSSO PHOTOS: William LeBrun’s 10th birthday was unlike any he’s ever had.

More than 30 cars passed by his home on Random Lane multiple times April 20. Passengers were holding signs, drivers were honking, and one man even played the trumpet from his window.

“I think this was the best birthday I have ever had,” William said. “It was better than my other birthdays.”

William is the son of Mimi LeBrun, a pediatric nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital. Mimi invited the area’s first responders to attend the parade — and they did. Two police cruisers began the procession and two fire trucks and an ambulance were the grand finale.

“I liked it because I haven’t seen my friends for a long time since we are quarantined,” William said. “It was good to see their faces. I loved having everyone cheering ‘William’ with their posters up!”

But it wasn’t just posters. People threw William gifts from their cars and some even held gift bags on hockey sticks so William could get his presents at a socially safe distance.