100 Years Ago—December 16, 1921

Last Tuesday morning an inmate of the State Institution at Tewksbury escaped from the second story of the north wing of the women’s ward by means of sheets tied together. While part way down the sheets gave way and she fell through the branches of a tree cutting the back of her head. She wandered down the roads to Ballardvale where she was seen acting peculiarly near the railroad station. Officer Dane took her into custody and two attendants from the institution came and took her back to the women’s ward of the hospital.

Monday evening in Punchard Hall there was a meeting of the citizens of Andover at which various phases of the “movies” were discussed. A large audience was present, the hall being filled. Samuel Resnick, proprietor of the Colonial Theatre in Andover, spoke at considerable length outlining the difficulties and problems which a theatre manager faces. The fact that the point of view of the adult and the young person or child are quite different was not emphasized. What would please more conservative adults would not appeal to the young. Obviously, the manager must run a comic picture, always the current events or pictorial world, sometimes a serial, and generally a reel of adventure or a love story.

Christmas Dinner Basket –Dinner for six persons for $5.00. Includes 1 pair chickens (7 lbs.), 1 bunch celery, 1 glass jelly, 5 lbs. squash, 5 lbs. turnips, 1 lb., Mince- meat, 6 juicy oranges, 6 eating apples, 1-2 pk. Potatoes, 2 lbs onions. Rockport Market Tel. 125 in Andover.

75 Years Ago—December 19, 1946

The Franciscan Fathers of St. Francis Seminary, West Andover, will celebrate the Christmas holidays with their traditional display of lights on the campus and with a very artistic crib of Our Lord in their chapel. The public is invited to visit the campus and to see the Chapel. Plans have been made to open the display of lights on Sunday evening December 22d and to continue until the 15th of January.

Half an hour before the Christmas concert began last Sunday night in Cochran chapel you couldn’t park an automobile within five hundred yards, while Andover music lovers continued to climb up the hill and the Lawrence bus unloaded its quota. Whether it was the rare reputation of our singers, the restrained but persistent emotional work, the happy idea of reminding us that it was the concluding event of our delightful Tercentenary year, or the compelling appeal of Handel’s “Messiah,” we don’t know. Perhaps a combination of all.

50 Years Ago—December 23, 1971

A Blindfolded Scrooge learns to see and share with others in the East Junior High’s musical, “Scrooge’s Christmas”. Shown in a photo are Michael Doran, as Scrooge, Maria Marasco, Lori Gross, Meredith McGoff, Ricky Kiker and, Stacey Reddington

A Merry Christmas from Donald Lundgren, 8 Elm St., Hughes Pharmacy, 16 Main St., Rickey’s Variety Store, 53 Essex Street, Darling Associates Inc. Realtors, 24 Chestnut Street, Doherty Realty, 21 Elms Street, Billie’s Artists’ Supplies 89 No. Main Street, R.J. Macartney, 5 Main Street, Walkup’s Garage, 17 Railroad Avenue, Yankee Lady 89 Main Street, and others.

25 Years Ago—December 19, 1996

The arch at West Parish Church, 129 Reservation Road, will become the entrance to Bethlehem at the 20th annual outdoor Christmas pageant, Sunday, December 22, at 5 pm. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus will be played by Peter and Amy Ring and their infant daughter, Billie Rebecca, of Andover.

It was billed as the group’s final meeting, but it might not work out that way. During what was supposed to be a gathering Monday to summarize the Andover at 400 committee’s accomplishments of the past year, someone suggested the group meet again, in about a year to monitor progress on several issues raised during the year. and more discussion may be just what the rabbi ordered. Rabbi Robert S. Goldstein said during the breakfast meeting Monday at the Andover Inn that the group may not have resolved much during its year-long series of panel discussions, but that the discussions themselves were worthwhile.

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