100 Years Ago — December 23, 1921

Through the generosity of Frederic S. Boutwell, treasurer of the Andover Savings Bank, prizes have bee awarded to six pupils in the grade schools of the town for compositions on the subject “Why I should open a Savings Bank account.” Each of the prize winners received, either a bank account at the bank with three dollars on it to start, or an addition of three dollars to their present bank account as the case might be.

An unidentified Italian workman was struck this noontime by the Boston express which passes through Andover shortly after twelve o’clock. The accident happened just south of the freight houses and while the man received no outward bruises he was severely injured internally. He was attended by Dr. Conroy and after receiving first aid was rushed to the Lawrence General Hospital. It is thought that the man was attempting to cross the tracks just in front of the train and fell on the slippery rails.

75 Years Ago — December 26, 1946

The Andover Garden club awarded prizes for the two Christmas doorways that were considered the most outstanding. A silver cup was won by Mrs. Charles W. Arnold of 88 Central Street and a cup was won by Mrs. Francis Steinert of 180 Elm Street.

The Andover Community Orchestra will present a free concert in the Memorial Auditorium Sunday afternoon. Although the program is planned primarily for students of all the schools, everyone is very cordially invited.

Hundred of visitors have already viewed the Nativity Scene sponsored by the directors of the Opera Garden on Porter Road. Weather permitting, the illuminated spectacle will continue through the New Year, and it is open each night from 6:00 to 10:00.

50 Years Ago — December 30, 1971

Front page reports “A virus has area in Grip”. An outbreak of what laymen call flu, and what medical people just aren’t sure what to name it has struck this community and its environs in large numbers. The “bug” is best described as an upper respiratory infection which leaves its victim ill with cough, aches and accompanying discomfort. Its duration is about four to six days.

The town observed its 325th anniversary during the year with a full celebration beginning with a dinner and program at the Phillips Academy gymnasium, a weekend of programs throughout the town and a parade combined with its Memorial Day observance at the end of May.

The idea of condominiums hit the town, and any thought of peaceful co-existence between proponents and opponents, quickly dissipated on the floor of friendly strife.

25 Years Ago — December 26, 1996

Four residents have said they will run for selectmen, meaning that unless someone else chooses to run only one of the two selectmen races will be contested. As expected, Larry Larsen and newcomers James Fox, Susan Jenkins and Brian Major have all taken out election papers from the town clerk’s office.

More than half the $53 million included in the town’s Capital Improvement Program for the next five years is for the expansion and improvements to the town’s sewer system. The five-year capital plan includes $6 million next year, Fiscal 1996, for extending sewer service in the Ballardvale area.

Should old acquaintance forget themselves, and not be of sober mind, they can still get home safely this holiday season. and they may have AAA to thank for it. The Merrimack Valley’s branch has joined with nearly 100 Merrimack Valley establishments to offer two programs that remind people. “Being responsible is the key to being safe.”

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