The Andover Health Department announced this morning that spraying against mosquitoes will be conducted tomorrow night, weather permitting, on the south side of town.

Treatment is expected to occur after dusk on Thursday, August 15. The area of town to be treated will be south of Route 133, from the Tewksbury line to Bellevue Road, along Bellevue Road and Blanchard Street and the nearby side streets.

Residents are asked to refrain from outdoor activity in that area until after the vehicles pass by. Due to the short life of the compound, and its specificity to mosquito control, normal activity may resume following the treatment, according to health officials.

If conditions for the application are unfavorable tomorrow night, the treatment will be delayed until the next evening. 

The Andover Board of Health on Monday authorized the use of insecticides to address the recent discovery of mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus in Tewksbury near the Andover border. A pool of mosquitoes from Tewksbury was sampled in early August, and tested positive for the virus.

In an effort to decrease human health risk, the treatment will be used to decrease the population of adult mosquitoes in the targeted area of Andover near the Tewksbury border, health officials said.

Andover has contracted with the North East Massachusetts Mosquito Control District to handle mosquito issues. The district routinely conducts larviciding operations in town. It will be using truck-based equipment to apply Duet, a Sumithrin-based product with low mammalian toxicity, during tomorrow night's treatment.

Health officials are advising residents throughout the Merrimack Valley are advised to review their properties for any standing water, and to empty the water whenever possible. Bird baths, children’s toys, stored tires and clogged gutters are common areas where water can pool. Also, residents should ensure that air conditioner drip pans are empty, and that water features in landscaping are aerated with pumps.

People who find themselves outside at dusk and other times of high mosquito activity should continue to protect themselves from bites by wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts and using a mosquito repellent with DEET; always follow the label on the repellent.

For more information, visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website at Information is also available at Andover’s Memorial Hall Library and in the lobby of Andover Town Offices, as well as on the Town of Andover's website,


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