2 Agawam Lane: Richard and Leslie H. Trotta to Richard Trotta, $300,000.

7 Heritage Lane: Perla and Scott Redfern to Jason and Nicole Kalil, $1,173,000.

1 Jenkins Road: Kevin D. and Kristin M. Loucks to Antonio and Whitney R. Coppolino, $930,000.

1 Tanglewood Way: Martins FT and J Christopher Martins to Debra A. Adams-Dumas and James J. Dumas, $775,000.

7 Walker Ave: Michael W. and Nancy Hood to Abdelhamid Kaddouri and Hala Chebab, $490,000.

90 Washington Park Drive, Unit 6: Dennis J. Reidy and Maura Walsh to David Holloway, $192,000.


5 Bare Hill Road: Dan and David Peterson to Jared and Rebecca Bashioum, $570,000.


Broadway: Laschi Brothers Inc to Sonny Valley LLC, $2,000,000.

30 Brown St: Andrew R. Dipietro to Tina M. Dipietro, $155,000.

67 Crystal Lake Road: James P. and Michael Rogers to 67 Crystal Lake Road RT and Linda L. Robbins, $105,000.

50 Germain Ave: Mark L. Chase to Roudy Marcelin, $530,000.

22 Inland St: Joseph J. Benson to Inland 2 2 LLC, $352,000.

177 Lake St: Emerald REO LLC to Robert Lapierre, $255,000.

14 Marina Drive: Kelly S. and Thomas A. Field to Andrea B. Obrien, $600,000.

57 Nettleton Ave., Unit 57: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Diana L. Cardona and Miguel A. Valentin, $412,000.

226-236 River St., Unit 5: C Daniel Swift to Jacob A. Elwell, $199,900.

119 S Elm St., Unit 3: Crystal E. Chabot to Tamara A. Nolan, $124,000.

132 S Pleasant St.: Kimberly Battis to 132 South Pleasant T and Robert Landry, $375,000.

20 Studley St.: Nancy J Ryan IRT and Katherine M. Oliver to Marcelo Pereira, $430,000.


611 Common St.: Wynn Management & Co LLC to 611 Common Street St LLC, $1,200,000.

4 Crestshire Drive: Alan R. Bohne and Susan Larosa to Susan A. and Lisa A. Larosa, $145,000.

49 Dracut St.: Chloe LLC to Amdery M. and Amaury M. Ferreira, $400,000.

76 Exeter St.: Ramon Alberto to Miguel A. Fernandez, $250,000.

21-23 Gilbert St: Martineau Clermont J Est and Florent J. Martineau to Oscar D. Sian-Matul, $540,000..

115 Hancock St., Unit 115: Edna I. Fajardo to Enid Bonilla and Amanda Diaz, $155,000

541 Haverhill St.: 541 Haverhill Street LLC to Ujunwa Okwkaogu, $765,000.

33 Kendrick St.: Jose L. Vargas to Gerson I. and Carolangel Zorrilla, $420,000.

53 Knox St.: Eugenia Perez to Joyce Luyiga-Kabuye and Ronald K. Kabuye, $330,000.

428 Lowell St.: Esteban B. and Crilix Jaquez to Rosa M. Marte-Morel and Wilson M. Duran-Marte, $346,000.

2 Moran Ct., Unit 2: Rosalie Vazquez to Michael J. and Melissa A. Manick, $278,000.

482 Mount Vernon St.: Domby A. Toribio-Garcia and Estela Toribio to Glendaly B. Pena-Soto, $370,000.

355-357 Water St.: Gabriel Lopez to Carlos Rodriguez, $442,900


82 Ayer St: Brianna M. Wells and Jeannette A. Chevalier to Julia Sullivan and George E. Bell, $453,000.

18, 20 Ayers Village Road: Laschi Brothers Inc to Sonny Valley LLC, $2,000,000.

22 Ayers Village Road: Laschi RT and James M. Laschi to Sonny Valley LLC, $500,000.

138 Camden St.: Jessica Balbi to Saul E. Reyes, $533,000.

50 Danbury Drive., Unit 23: Nadia Abrahamian RET and Sarkis Abrahamian to Harry V. and Dianne T. Thu, $151,000.

207 East St.: Stacie A. Libman to Laurence P. and Janice S. Siraco, $425,000.

29 Elmwood Road: Carlos Rosso to Vanessa Nunez, $305,000.

6 Hastings Cir., Unit 6: Neve Elaine M Est and Michael Scuderi to Gail E. Valente, $235,000.

1 Highwoods Drive: Yahaida M. Rimola-Dejesus to Fausto Garcia, $840,000.

1 Joffre St.: William and Lisa Hall to John L. and Jessica Busta, $390,000.

316 Oak St.: Dennis M. Roddy to Domingo and Ivelisse Roldan, $425,000.

5 Stevens St.: Michael J. and Melissa A. Manick to Diane T. Nampe and Mardochee Chery, $451,000.

67 W Ayer St.: Ryan LT and James G. Ryan to Robin Slavin, $505,000.

Warren Ave., Lot 108 - 109: V & Christine Nastasia FT and Victor R. Nastasia to Luis Cardenes, $85,000.

Warren Ave., Lot 104-107: Antoinette R. Burke to Bernarda Cardenes and Stefanie Mejia, $105,000.

44 Woburn St.: James and Patricia A. Deroche to Esmarlyn Contreras and Luis Genao, $469,990.


3 Harvest Drive., Unit 306: Robert M. and Lindsey M. Riccio to Lindsey M. Riccio, $110,000.

445 Rea St.: RDM Rea Street LLC to Michaela J. and Terrence J. Landers, $975,000.


38 Main St., Unit 9: Deborah J. Colucci to Jennifer Castillion, $235,000.

40 Main St., Unit 19: Robert J. Bosy to Paul M. Donatelli, $155,000.

270 Main St., Unit 8: Raj Parwani to Hercilio Correa and Andrea Saunders-Correa, $190,000.

200 Martins Landing, Unit 404: Martorella John G Est and Robin A. Reeves to George W. Barker, $352,500.

230 Martins Landing, Unit 4105: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Anthony V. and Gino A. Rizzo, $356,795.

230 Martins Landing, Unit 4212: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Gary and Brooke E. Yu, $426,200.

14 Porter Road: J&Cindy Petit RET and Jonathan Petit to Mackenzie and Christopher Briere, $572,000.


192 N End Boulevard: New Phase Const LLC to Solsbury Hill LLC, $576,000.

529 N End Boulevard: Palmisano FT and Laura A. Graziano to 529 North End Blvd LLC, $150,000.

37 True Road: Amanda K. Schiappa to 22 True Realty LLC, $190,000.



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