For Danny Azzarello, nothing beats hearing the sound of an egg cracking as you walk downstairs in the morning for breakfast. He loves it so much, he decided to base his restaurant off it, allowing each of his customers to hear the sound as they walk through the doors for a bite to eat.

"Even in a loud room you can hear it," said Azzarello, seated by the window in his new restaurant. "It's cool when you wake up in the morning and go downstairs, and hear the eggs cracking a little bit. I think that was what we wanted people to know us by and that's how we developed the name 'Crack'd.'"

Azzarello, 36, and his wife Emma, 34, opened the doors to their new restaurant located on Lowell Street Monday. Azzarello said they developed the concept for their eatery about two years ago, adding that the couple wanted to offer something unique to the Andover area.

"We've always loved breakfast sandwiches," he said. "But for us, it's always been hard to find a really good one around here. ... There wasn't anything around this area that you really felt was freshly cracked eggs."

That love for breakfast sandwiches kicked off the food items on their unique menu. Though breakfast food is offered all day, lunch and dinner foods are also included on the menu. Azzarello also said any breakfast sandwiches can be put over a salad.

Azzarello said they pride themselves on the freshness of their food and beverages, as well as the uniqueness in their hospitality.

The modern-looking restaurant offers a fun, vibrant atmosphere with high-top and regular table seating. The scents of sizzling food hits you as the doors close behind. Employees dressed in black aprons and Crack'd T-shirts stand behind the counter, ready to wait on customers at the register and cook up their food on the grill.

"If we aren't making people happy, then why are we here?" he said. "It's about giving people what they deserve and that's what we want to bring to Andover."

All of their food is made from scratch, and Azzarello said they get their eggs from Maine Family Farms, a network of 365 farms in Maine. The farms are focused on ensuring their chickens are eating right and producing better quality eggs, which Azzarello said ultimately improves the taste. Crack'd also partners with Hometown Coffee Roasters, North Country Smokehouse, Iggy's Bread, Cabot Farms and McCadam Cheese Co.

Azzarello said his favorite item on the menu is the "Porker," a breakfast sandwich that includes house-made sausage, maple mustard, caramelized onions, and eggs on a brioche bun.

Another noteworthy menu item is the "Live Free or Die," which Azzarello said is a breakfast sandwich including "top of the line bacon" as well as eggs, crack'd ketchup, and cheese on a brioche bun.

When it comes to beverages, Crack'd also offers a unique twist as they brew their own cold brew coffee out of Manchester, N.H.

When he was only 10 years old, Azzarello kicked off his cooking career, peeling potatoes and picking parsley for his aunt, who owned Mario's Pizzeria in North Reading. Continuing to work at the pizzeria through his high school years, Azzarello continued a cooking career, most recently working at Burtons Grill before opening Crack'd.

"It was that point that I really fell in love with cooking and restaurants," he said.

Azzarello's restaurant won't be the first time he's served food to people in town, as he used the grills at Burtons to cook burgers for those spending tireless days at Town Hall during the Sept. 13 gas disasters.

Crack'd is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. After 10:30 a.m., burgers, wraps, salads and other lunch foods are served in addition to all-day breakfast.


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