Twenty-five acts competed in Greater Lawrence Technical School's annual talent show last month. 

On March 23, performers in the talent show competed to win first, second, or third place in three categories: Got Talent, Singers, and Overall Winner. Those performing were judged by a group of students, teachers, and alumni. 

 "These nights are always fun for student artists because it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents," said Superintendent John Lavoie. "We have some truly gifted singers and musicians here at GLTS that put on a fantastic show."

The winner of the talent show was senior Christine Gonzalez, of North Andover, who sang and played guitar in a performance of "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked."

Seniors Solange Burgos of Lawrence and Zarais German of Methuen won first place in the "Got Talent" category for their choreographed dance to three songs. Sophomore Jahmo Chavez of Lawrence was awarded second place for a performance singing and playing the guitar. Seniors Greg Ovalles of Lawrence and Erika Rivera, also of Lawrence, received third place for a duet. Ovalles also played the guitar during the number. 

In the "Singers" category junior Jozmelieny Garcia-Batista of Methuen received first place for a performance of "When We Were Young," sophomore Jahmo Chavez of Lawrence and Ariana Peroza of Methuen received second place for a performance of "Best Part," and third place was a tie between sophomore Jahmo Chavez for a performance of "Until the End of Time" and a rendition of "Flashlight" performed by Jozmelieny Garcia of Methuen and Nankmary Delgado of Lawrence. 

Educators to plan home visits, foster bonds

Social Work Program Coordinator Joseph Yarid announced last week that Andover teachers will begin planning home visits with willing students and families. 

Andover Public School District is partnering with the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project to begin the home visit program.

"In support of APS’ Theory of Action to “create safe, caring, and culturally responsive classrooms and schools, and partner with families and the community to support students’ academic growth and their social, physical and emotional well-being, we are very excited to announce our partnership with the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (," Yarid wrote in an email to parents. "This family and community outreach project aims to helps educators and families increase the development of sustaining and meaningful relationships through the vehicle of home visits."

More than 60 Andover Public school educators were trained by representatives of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project on March 21. 

Parents may soon receive calls from teachers inquiring if they would be willing to schedule a home visit.

"We hope you would consider allowing us the honor of coming to your home and discussing together the hopes and dreams you have for your children," Yarid wrote. "Please know this is strictly voluntary for both staff and families, and no one should feel obligated or pressured to participate. We thank you for your consideration."

ACE March Madness event raises $45,000

Andover Coalition for Education raised approximately $45,000 at their annual March Madness event at the Lanam Club at 260 North Main St. on Saturday, March 24. Approximately 150 people attended the fourth annual ACE March Madness gathering. The March Madness fundraiser involved an online auction in addition to the Lanam Club event. 

The Andover Portal was present at the event for people to experience. ACE is funding the portal for six months at Andover Public Schools. The portal uses superior video technology to allow users to feel like they are in the same room wtih people from around the world. At the March Madness event the portal connected attendees to people in Panama City. 

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