TEWKSBURY — It appears three runaway cows from Andover simply don't want to go home.

An Andover resident on Blanchard Street reported to Andover Police on Tuesday at 8:59 p.m. that there were three cows in his yard. The cows belong to an Andover resident, according to Andover Police Lt. Christopher Moore.

The owner of the cows, with the assistance of an Andover police officer, attempted unsuccessfully to bring the cows home Tuesday night, Moore said. 

"We knew where they were," Moore said. "We just could not get them back into the place where they belonged."

According to Tewksbury police dispatcher Garin Worth, the cows were spotted Wednesday morning in the backyard of 30 Bligh St. The cows were believed to be headed toward nearby power lines, Worth said. As of 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, two Tewksbury Animal Control Officers had been unable to locate the wandering cows. 

According to Moore, the owner of the cows was also working Wednesday to bring the cows home.

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