100 Years Ago: Dec. 3, 1920

The concert held at Town Hall on Wednesday evening was a unique affair. The guests— most of the music lovers of Andover assembled — delighted at the prospect of hearing a recital by Miss Betsy Lane Shepherd, soprano (and others), but a surprise was in store for them. The phenomenon was brought about by means of a graceful cabinet, which stood beside the artists on the stage, and matched their performance, note for note and tune for tune. In the midst of the song, Miss Shepherd’s lips ceased to move, but her song went on without a break. Slowly it dawned upon the astonished audience that the singer was no longer singing though her voice came forth to them as clear and sweet as ever. For the tones which came from the new Edison matched those from the living artist so perfectly that it was impossible to detect any difference. The effect was somehow unreal and weird, as though one artist had been bewitched into two by some magician’s art.

A high board fence is being constructed at the rear of the Free Church land on Elm Street. The stone wall on the east side is also being replaced, changes which greatly improve the appearance of the property.

Four men, John Moore, Patrick Carey, James Currie, and George Greenough, each with a jug of hard cider in his possession were arrested in the West Parish Cemetery last Saturday evening between 9 and 10 and charged with the illegal transportation of liquor. Olian Losegian of Lowell Street, at whose place the men are supposed to have obtained the liquor, was also arrested on a charge of violating the Volstead Act.

75 Years Ago: Dec. 6, 1945

Russell Hall of Lowell Junction, operator of a 7-ton open stake-body truck weighted with sand and having a plow attachment, was driving down Fletcher Street, near Union Street on Monday afternoon about 4:30 when suddenly he felt his rear wheel give away. Upon getting out he was amazed to find that his truck was sinking in a wash-out which was about 30 feet long. As the road continued to settle, the left rear wheel started sinking deeper, leaving the front of the truck supported by the plow attachment on the front. The Andover Board of Public Health Works officials were called to the scene and found that the wash-out resulted from a leak in the water service line leading into the home of Harold Eastwood, 1 Fletcher Street.

The Union Congregational Church Friendly Guild gave an excellent performance Thursday and Friday nights in the presentation of the show boat minstrels. The stage was set in the form of a boat, with the chorus neatly dressed in their costumes for the occasion, while the endmen were attired in the true minstrel fashion.

When they moved the post office from one part of the Aberdeen building in Shawsheen Square to another part four doors away, they moved into an office that was exactly the same dimensions, and alike in every respect to the other one. But be a little careful which door you enter. If you go blithely into the same door you’ve always been going into, you’ll find yourself in the Liberty Mutual Insurance office.

50 Years Ago: Dec. 10, 1970

The Andover Village Improvement Society has just received a substantial gift of land for another major reservation to be preserved for the townspeople of Andover, through the will of John Gardner Greene, philanthropist, humanist, and educator, and longtime friend of AVIS official Harold Rafton. The new reservation comprises 31 acres of high ridge, slope, level ground and cattail swamp, lying between Andover Street and Dascomb Road opposite Indian Ridge Country Club land and extending to most of Bannister Road.

The Finance committee will be asked to transfer funds from the reserve account to allow repairs to be made at the Fish Brook pumping station and also to the Balllardvale Well on Andover Street. At the Fish Brook station, a chlorine leak there caused corrosion of some of the machinery, resulting in repairs estimated in the vicinity of $8,000 to $10,000.



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