100 Years Ago: Feb. 1921

That minstrel shows are the most popular source of amusement in Andover. This was proven during the past week when the Town Hall has been filled out on two occasions; first at the R.C.O.A. show on last Friday evening, and again on Tuesday evening when the Athletic Association of Smith and Dover Mill gave their second annual performance. The attendance at both shows was large with standing room being at a premium. At the R.C.O.A .show, J. Everett Collins made a big hit on his three appearances as a Japanese Sandman, again when he led the “Mississippi Volunteers” in a march around the stage.

Patronize the food sale at the old express office, Musgrove block and help to give judicious aid to some of Andover’s deserving poor, 2 to 5:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 11.

Ice cutting at Haggett’s has begun. The ice is good and it is hoped that everyone around the Parish will seize this opportunity to get ice houses filled to capacity so that there may be no shortage during the summer.

The camp of George Bancroft at Foster’s Pond was broken into recently. Several articles were stolen and the camp left in a disorderly condition.

75 Years Ago: Feb. 7, 1946

The obituary for Frank H. Hardy noted that he was a member of the class of 1896 at Phillips. His first shop was in a little barn in West Andover. Gradually, he added new equipment and in 1910 he moved to the old Smith and Dove Mill in Frye Village. When Shawsheen was built, the old brick mill was replaced by the present structure. Today it is the largest factory in the world specializing in textile brushes. During the building of Shawsheen he had charge of the building of all the mills, the administration building and the power-house.

Take your true love and go to the Valentine party and dance which will be held in the Memorial gymnasium on Thursday evening, Feb. 14th. The dance is sponsored by the Punchard Alumni Association, and Harold Phinney will be master of ceremonies and furnish the dance music. Appropriate refreshments will be served during intermission.

50 Years Ago: Feb. 11, 1971

An Andover High School student and his history teacher flew to Washington, D.C. to be guests at a two-day Senate House foreign affairs conference on U.S. China policy last week. The teacher, John McCusker, then carried on his Friday morning 20th Century American History Class by the high school’s new special telephone hook-up which allows a roomful of student to hear and question a teacher speaking from a Washington D.C. motel, or a national figure visiting Andover High, via electronics.

While this was going on, the student, Bruce Need, of 13 Glenmeadow Road, was back in Room 207 of the Capital building listening to Andover’s representative Bradford Morse, who was a moving spirit behind the conference and arranged the invitations for the Andover twosome, plus Presidential hopeful Sen. George McGovern, Sen. Harold Hughes and other luminaries on foreign policy.



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