100 Years Ago: Nov. 26, 1920

Arthur White of Andover Street, who is a meat cutter for J.P Wakefield of Andover, met with a serious accident last Saturday. While cutting meat on North Main Street, he was hit by a runaway horse and the knife he was using descended on his left hand and severed one finger and injured two others. Dr. Look dressed the wound and Mr. White was conveyed to his home where he is resting comfortably.

Rain and wind proved no obstacles to those who had planned to purchase Thanksgiving goodies at the Pilgrim Market held by the members of the Woman’s Guild at Christ Church parish house on Tuesday afternoon and the generous supplies of cakes, candies, pastry, fruits, vegetables, and other tempting viands were all disposed of long before the closing hour.

Unlike its predecessors, the Tuesday Club’s “drive” for contributions to its Rummage Sale asks only for the things which are no longer of use to their possessors. The club has assumed the maintenance of a little 9- year-old girl who rightfully belongs in Andover and is holding the sale to meet such expense.

75 Years Ago: Nov. 29, 1945

An accident occurred on North Main street, a the south entrance to Tom Greene’s service station early Friday morning. William J. Kane, R.F.D. No. 1 Lowell, employed at the Johnson farm on Haggetts Pond Road, was apparently hit and knocked down by an automobile driven by Stephen Delisle, 77 Arlington St., Lawrence. The ambulance arrived and took the man to Lawrence General Hospital where nine stitches were taken in his head.

Three fire engines were called to extinguish a blaze at the Hardy Brush shop and the Raffold Corporation laboratories, Shawsheen Village, Saturday afternoon. The fire broke out in the plant which is located on the floor above the chemical company.

Movie patrons of Andover will have their opportunity to participate in a great Victory Bond Drive on Thursday, Dec. 6,  to raise funds for the return of servicemen to this country, pay for rehabilitation of wounded veterans, and head off disastrous inflation, through the co-operation of the theatre manager of the Andover Playhouse who has again joined forces with the Drive. The movie will be the “State Fair”.

On a rain- soaked gridiron of the Andover Playstead, the Johnson High 11 defeated Punchard by a score of 7-6 in the holiday game played Saturday afternoon.

50 Years Ago: Dec. 3, 1970

For nearly a century and a half, Abbot Academy has lived on the hill, ever since Miss Sarah Abbot asked her friend Squire Farrar: “What shall I do with my surplus funds?” Farrar promptly replied, “Found an academy in Andover for the education of young women!” And she did. The betrothal of Abbot and next- door neighbor Phillips Academy was announced recently by their respective board of trustees. Both Phillips and Abbot will be engaged, at least for the next several months, in finding out whether they should continue and extend their close-but-platonic relationship, a brother-sister type of coordination of extracurricular activities and even classes, or whether their mutual interests should be consummated in a union — one board of trustees, one student body, one faculty, one administration — for better or worse.

The illuminated tree in Elm Square, along with decorated lamp post,s signals Andover’s greeting to residents and visitors alike as they enter town. The lights, sponsored by the Andover Chamber of Commerce, will continue to sparkle through New Years’, truly lighting up the holiday season.

The Yankee Lady, Thompson’s, The Taylor Shop, Sutherland’s, The Shoe Tree, Sandpiper Shop, Reinhold’s, Phinney’s Radio & TV, Merrimack Valley National Bank, McCartney’s, Hill Hardware, Home & Abroad, Grecoe Jewelers, Elander & Swanton, Dana’s Sport Shop, The Dame Shop, Cole Paint and Hardware, Billings, Jewelers, Bay State Merchants National Bank, Andover Savings Bank, Andover Co-Op, and Andover Gift House advertised as a “A great Idea for Christmas — Shop Andover — It’s the Growing Thing!”



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