100 Years Ago: Oct. 22, 1920

Kenneth W. Todd, the 8t-year old son of Harry and Lucetta Tod of 60 Poor St., was killed last Friday afternoon when the overhanging portion of a 6-foot banking on Kensington Street, near which the boy was playing, caved in. The child went out to play after supper and when he failed to return a search was made. The street has not as yet been accepted by the town of Andover. Out of respect to the memory of the boy, the fourth-grade class of the Richardson school in which he was a pupil was closed Monday afternoon and prior to the services the pupils marched to the Todd home and passed silently by their late playmate.

John Haggerty, our well-known driver of the town teams in this village (Ballardvale), met with a serious fall last Friday, while picking apples. Medical aid was summoned, and it was found that Mr. Haggerty had sustained a broken arm and several fractured ribs, as well as numerous scratches and bruises.

While Nuckley’s ice cart to which two horses were attached was going down Essex Street on Monday afternoon, the neck yoke broke, letting the heavy team down onto the horses. They started to run but were guided into the yard next to the Colonial theatre where they were stopped.

75 Years Ago: Oct. 18, 1945

“This is just a word of warning to some of the liquor-license holders here in Andover. It’s another year before the town votes again on liquor, but it wouldn’t do any harm to start being careful once more. We know of a few incidents which have been happening in a few of the places. We know of glasses being thrown, bartenders running into difficulty, people drinking beyond their power to hold it, noise emanating from places in sufficient volume to be classed a public nuisance. So watch yourself, fellows. You’re on the spot.” (Editorial excerpt.)

The Andover Selective Service Board has inducted a large number of men into the armed forces during the last five years and now is ready to assist these same men in re-establishing themselves in civilian life if they want and need assistance. The board will advise and assist the veteran by referring him to the proper agencies for securing G.I. loans and arranging for insurance conversion, educational opportunities and the like to do the utmost to save him time and trouble in getting back in stride as a civilian.

50 Years Ago: Oct. 29, 1970

A photo caption reads, “Members of Boy Scout Troop 75 barbecued a pig last weekend for their fathers during a camping program at Deer Jump reservation last weekend. Shown at the ‘pit” are Mark Reynolds, Charles Champagne, Jimmy Galbiati, Roger David, Keith Kenney, Billy Bruner, Jim Smyth, Mike Witt, and Bobby Burke.”

Candidates for the representative post in the 13th Essex District will debate Friday, Oct. 31 at 7 p.m. at the People’s Choice Coffee House at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Lowell Street. Rep. Paul W. Cronin, Republican representative serving the district, and his challenger James P. Hurrell of North Andover will debate the issues, speaking initially, then responding to a question and answer period.

Construction of a new business building on Barnard Street is moving along rapidly. Upon completion the new building is expected to house stores and offices.

A photo shows students who have recently graduated from a babysitting course at the junior high schools. They are Nancy Webster, holding infant Christopher Coliano, and Jane Allen. The instructor is Mrs. Joseph Sullivan.



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