100 Years Ago—April 15, 1921

The most disastrous fire of the week occurred yesterday morning at the home of Arthur Lovejoy on Lovejoy road when the roof and attic story were destroyed. Other fires were for a brush fire at the corner of Chandler and Beacon streets and at the dump at Tyer factory number 2. On Tuesday there were four fires: a grass fire on land belonging to the trustees of Phillips academy on Bartlet street, a grass fire on the Wakefield land on Cuba street, another burning two acres of land on Argilla belonging to William M. Wood, and the last for a barn on South Union street.

A week ago, in Lawrence District Court a man and women were defaulted for the neglect of minor children and a warrant issued for their arrest. Being residents of this town, on South Union street, the warrant was given to Chief Smith to serve. The father made his escape and the mother wishing to avoid appearance in court, placed her two small children in a baby carriage and trundled them all the way to Lowell. Her presence in that city was discovered by the police and she with her children, carriage and all, were returned to Andover by motor after which they were lodged at the Andover police station. They have since been transferred to the Andover town farm.

75 years Ago — April 18, 1946

Andover took a cue from other cities and towns during this time of shortages and last Friday morning had it’s own queue, a clothesline that extended from the door of Elander and Swanton (near where Royal Jewelers is located today) as far as the corner of Chestnut and Main Streets. Donald Surette managed to get a shot (cover photo of Townsman) of the line before the sell-out, but unfortunately did not get a shot at a shirt. The line started to form at 7:30 a.m. and the shirt-selling began at 8:30 and ended at 10:30. There just weren’t any more shirts.

Donald Dunn was elected head of the recreation committee and Benjamin Dimlich, supervisor of the playground at a recreation committee meeting this week.

It’s a little confusing, but there are two organizations and there are two dances. The World War II veterans of the American Legion are sponsoring a dance at the Crystal Ballroom May 2. The AMVETS, which is a veteran organization entirely made up of World War II veterans are holding a dance at Crystal on May 16.

50 Years Ago — April 22, 1971

A photo caption reads “Former comedian Dick Gregory, turned social critic, spoke to Phillips Academy students this past week, and his humor jabbed at the inconsistencies of racism in America.”

(Partial editorial) Town meeting recently dictated that a study be made regarding future sessions. A representative form of town meeting was proposed. It was relegated to study by a committee. Since that time there has been proposed a change in the form of Andover’s town government to a city type. Town meeting as we know it, appears to be unwieldy. The actual results coming from such sessions are not a complete sampling of the town. A small percentage of voters shows up at the annual and special sessions. 


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