100 Years Ago: Jan. 28, 1921

The concert and dance arranged by Clan Johnston, No. 185, O.S.C., in observance of the birthday of Robert Burns which is annually looked forward to not only by all those of Scottish birth, but by the many lovers of the good old songs, was held in the Town Hall last Friday and was heard by a large and appreciative audience. The stage was decorated with the flags of America, Great Britain and Scotland, and pots of heather and palms were arranged across the front of the stage.

The removal of the last of the buildings used as a carpenter’s shop and planning mill by Hardy and Cole was completed Monday afternoon when the 90-foot chimney was felled to earth. Workmen were busily engaged on Friday tearing down what remained of the surrounding building which had been practically destroyed by fire while occupied by Philip R. French as a chemical and dye factory two years ago. The chimney stood for 70 and was located on Essex Street.

William Hickey of Lawrence appeared before Judge Stone on Wednesday charged with operating a motor vehicle in such a manner as to endanger life and property. He was found guilty and held for the grand jury.

75 Years Ago: Jan. 30, 1946

John F. Kennedy, a former lieutenant in the navy and son of Hon. John (sic) P. Kennedy, former ambassador to England, will be the guest at the (men’s club) meeting to be held on Thursday evening, Feb. 7 in the school hall. Mr. Kennedy was recently elected general chairman of 1946 convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to be held in Boston during the latter part of next August.

The war’s over, and town meeting warrants are longer. Andover’s warrant, which closed Thursday night, will contain over 60 articles, and the amount of money the town will spend if it approves all will be tremendous. Warrants include: continuation of water system improvements, $150,000; continuation of sewer improvements, $35,000; 300th anniversary of town, $5,000; ambulance for the Fire Department, $4,000; renewing and painting half of bleachers at playstead, $2,000; new sidewalks, $5,000; supervised winter recreation at Hussey’s pond, $450; establishing and maintaining four kindergarten grades in Andover schools, $3,200.

50 Years Ago: Feb. 4, 1971

High School Principal Philip Wormwood said the high school’s problems, except for student smoking, involve only a small minority of students. “But, even if it’s a small minority, it’s a problem when a student’s behavior at a dance shows he’s been drinking heavily, or when a boy and girl’s exhibition of public physical familiarities show no sense of what’s appropriate.”

The trustees of Phillips Academy expressed confidence in the business management of the school Wednesday by voting to keep the tuition at its present level through the academic year of 1971-72. Tuition is $2,700 for boarders and $1,900 for day students.

Partial editorial: “The school department has completed what appears to be a good move. Additional space was needed immediately at the Doherty School. The administrators moved their quarters to the Stowe School and have allowed for expansion at Doherty.”



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