100 years ago: Dec. 10, 1920

Shawsheen Village Hall was the scene of great festivity last evening when all the people of the village gathered at the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A. Wood for a community party. Words of welcome were spoken by Mr. Wood expressing the hope that it was but one of the many get together good times which they would all enjoy during the coming winter. He told his hearers not to forget that Shawsheen Village and Andover are one and concluded with the wish that everyone would have a royal good time.

Christmas shopping is progressing steadily in the Art Department of the Andover Bookstore. One of the most fascinating things for the kiddies and the babies are the toss and catch, as well as the carry cuddle-toys and stuffed animals in gay colors. There are still a few Italian fruit baskets and knitting baskets, unusual pizza trays, vases of pottery in blue and gray. Hand-molded candles, as well as the pine cone candles with candle sticks to match, may be found to fit the candlesticks in mahogany, pottery, brass, or glass.

Smith P. Burton Jr., who recently purchased the Harry M. Eames estate on Elm Street, is making extensive renovations.

75 years ago: Dec. 13, 1945

Saturday night the giant fir tree at the corner of High Street will be lit from top to bottom with multi-colored Christmas lights, as Andover celebrates its first peace-time Christmas after four years of war. Formerly a tradition in Andover, the tree was not lit during the war years because of general restrictions. This year the giant star at the top of the tree and the colorful lights will once more make the Christmas season brighter.

If garbage is to be collected in Andover the Board of Health feels that it should be collected by the Department of Public Works and that the net cost would be about $11,000 per year, according to a statement issued this week by doctors Look and Emmons. The ideas of private collection or contract collection were felt unsatisfactory by the board.

Henry L. Hilton, recently discharged from the Marine Corps after serving four years, has been appointed permanently on the Fire Department, Chief C. Edward Buchan announced Monday night. Hilton graduated from Punchard High School with the class of ’33. He is married and lives on Shawsheen Road.

50 years ago: Dec. 17, 1970

Andover’s town hall will remain for the time being with an addition, not to exceed $200,000 providing a stop-gap move toward a new facility. Chairman Robert A. Watters proposed that the addition provide for a machine room, particularly for the computer, along with an office for the town manager and selectmen and a suitable meeting room for town boards.

Photo caption: “Children participating in the Christmas school at Faith Lutheran church are shown in a nativity scene in the pageant, which concluded the program this past week: Mary was portrayed by Lauri Burwell; Joseph, Arthur Muldoon; three wisemen, Peter Fernandes, Peter Walsh, and Christopher Lionette; angel, Mary Driscoll; and shepherd, Thomas White.

Photo caption: “Drum Potter and Steve and Cathy Mulvey had a chance to talk over their Christmas lists with two of Santa’s helpers at the annual Christmas party for employees’ children held at New England Mutual Life Insurance Company last Saturday in Boston. Drum is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Potter of 35 Enmore St. Steve and Cathy are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mulvey of 66 Summer St.

The selectmen have extended the hours for places of entertainment for the serving of liquor on New Year’s Eve. Places may remain open until 2 a.m., following a policy established by the board a year ago.



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