100 Years Ago: Nov. 5, 1920

As was expected, Andover voters, men and women, came out in force on Tuesday and cast their ballots in the great political fight that was being waged all over the country, and as was also expected the result showed that they were strongly Republican …the votes of the leading Republican office-seekers about five times greater than those of their Democratic opponents. The Democratic vote was one of the smallest in the history of the town, only 345 being cast for Cox and Roosevelt against 2,708 for Harding and Coolidge (president and vice-presidential election).

A fotoplayer, made by the American Fotoplayer Co., one of the most up-to-date instruments for describing motion pictures with appropriate music, is being installed at the Colonial theatre on Essex Street by the proprietor, Samuel Resnik. The instrument, which contains a piano, a reed organ, and organ pipes for orchestral effect, arrived in town last week and workmen have been busily engaged in its installation which is almost complete except for the electrical connections.

In the South Church vestries appropriately decorated with shocks of corn, strings of apples, black cats and owls and lighted by pumpkin jack o’ lanterns, a series of beautiful living pictures, showing the games and legends of the season entertained a large audience of old and young on last Friday evening. The tent of the witch of Atlas set among the pines, over which flew weird bats, attracted many who wished to pry into the mysteries of the future.

75 Years Ago: Nov. 8, 1945

The Free Christian Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary in May, 1946. The founding of the Free Christian church is of considerable historical interest. The evil of slavery in our own country so aroused a small group of Andover people that they began to meet in different homes on Sundays. Although affiliated with other churches in town, they were anxious to avoid ill feeling and felt the urge to form a new church to give freer expression to their principles. Accordingly, on Nov. 29, 1845, a duly authorized meeting was called at the home of Thomas Clark on Central Street for the purpose of organizing a religious society by the name of the “The Free Christian Society of Andover.”

(Editorial) “Even in this post-war world, most people are still pretty busy, and a good many of them have to get an awful lot of things done in a very short space of time. Don’t you suppose you could keep that in mind when you sit down some morning at your phone and have a nice long chinning session with some pal of yours? While you’re sitting there idling away your time, there are a good many people who are trying to get rapid phone service so that they can take care of all the important matters that they have to take care of during the day. While you are talking about the new dress you just bought, somebody has reached for the phone, and has to wait for an operator, because you and a lot of people like you have the exchange pretty well tied up.”

50 Years Ago: Nov. 12, 1970

A front- page photo caption reads: “Teachers at the Doherty School can be excused if they happen to be seeing double these days, since there are multiple sets of twins attending school there. They are Wayne and Wendy Carver, Jeffrey and Jennifer Davis, Gail and Gary Morrissette, Ann and Stephen Moriarty, Dustine and Kordelle Runge, Karen and Deidre O’Donohue, J. Timothy and Christopher Richards, Russel and Randell Glines, David and William Joy.”

Phillips and Abbot academies today launched a collaborative study to see if the two schools can work more closely together in co-education. The areas of exploration will involve the possibilities of having each school remain independent with coordinated classes, or of merging the two schools into a single institution.

The former central fire station on Park Street, will be abandoned as a drop-in center for youths and demolished. The was the decision of the selectmen Monday night and the board voted to over the Student Activity Center group to leave the premises by Sunday and that the demolition proceedings be instituted on Monday.



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