Keeping with their yearlong themed events, guests and colleagues were treated to a wondrous circus destination event hosted by American Training.

The group's seventh annual Celebrate Good Times Gala was all about the #1 Greatest Show on Earth - the circus. The event was held May 17 at the Andover Country Club.

Since 2013, American Training has been using the month of May for celebrating the people served with their unique touch of "WOW! Magic." The event is an opportunity to get together with the folks they provide service to all year long. But more than that, it is a chance to recognize them for their accomplishments. Guests work hard to achieve success in the areas of employment, community service and education and American Training wants to ensure that they are recognized, acknowledged and celebrated for reaching their goals.

“Though other companies celebrate no one does it how WE do it. At American Training WOW! Magic takes a fun night and turns it into a spectacular event,” Steve Pellerin, Vice President/Director, wrote in a press release.


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