A California-based author of a just-released book is coming to town for what is billed as a book signing. But when Gahl Eden Sasson lands here tonight, Thursday, April 16, for the first of three Andover appearances at Circles of Wisdom this weekend, his focus will be on talking and interacting with the crowd, he said.

Sasson said he will zoom in on astrology and Kabbalah and offer tips on how they can help people change for the better and create their own destiny. That's the topic of his new book, "Cosmic Navigator" (Weiser Books, $21.95).

Madonna, a popular Kabbalah believer, is not on this author's list of celebrity clients. But, his Web site says he consults Hollywood actors Uma Thurman, Forest Whitaker, Patricia Arquette and John Cusack. His first book "A Wish Can Change Your Life" was on Madonna's 2007 book club list.

Sasson believes your astrological sign has the power to show you why you are the way you are. But, he doesn't want people to lock themselves in, he said.

"Seeing it (astrology) as way to help yourself become who you want to become is what matters," said Sasson, a professor of astrology, kabbalah, mythology and comparative religion.

He will encourage listeners to stop using their astrological signs as an excuses for their behavior. For example, Aries are considered stubborn and aggressive. To help themselves change, Aries need to step into the role of another astrological sign for a week, then another, and so on, Sasson said. There are 12 zodiac signs to be explored.

"The book helps you use the zodiac as an ally in a program of self-improvement," he said. "You focus on yourself but also become someone else, say a Sagittarius or a Cancer ... The book teaches you to navigate the wondrous complexity of the zodiac institution."

So, how does Kabbalah get involved?

The answer is simple, Sasson said, as "astrology and Kabbalah are very connected."

It's all about "sharing the same light," he said. Kabbalah is a Hebrew word that means "to accept" or "to receive."

"Kabbalastic interpretations of astrological charts adds another dimension," he writes in his book. "It attaches an ancient and universal spiritual component that will enable you to tap into the collective energies of the astrological signs in order to carve out your own path or destiny."

The book is published in nine languages, and the author lectures around the world, including at Tel Aviv University and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, Calif.

Finding the "Cosmic Navigator"

Events at Circles of Wisdom, 90 Main St., Andover; 978-474-8010:

Meet Author Gahl Eden Sasson

Thursday, April 16

7 to 8:30 p.m.

free event

Workshop on "The Power of Your Name"

Friday, April 17

7 to 9 p.m.

"The Wedding of Astrology and Kabbalah"

Kabbala-based discussion about overcoming crisis

Saturday, April 18

noon to 4 p.m.

Private astrological readings available throughout weekend

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