Mikaila Bourgeois celebrated her third Mother’s Day as a mom herself, thanks to her three-year-old daughter Lucy.

Both wearing floral dresses, and Lucy’s hair tied back in pigtails with purple ribbons - her favorite color - the mother-daughter duo and Lucy’s dad, Rick, were ready for a Mother’s Day lunch at Andolinis.

“It gets better every year,” Bourgeois said about the day, and about her role as a mother.

Outside their bright yellow Andover home, which brought light despite Sunday’s gray skies, Lucy said her favorite thing to do with her mom was dance. The two not only dance together at home, but also at Dance Infusion Andover, where Bourgeois is an instructor and Lucy is one of her students. And when the weather allows, Bourgeois said she loves to walk to the nearby park, with Lucy riding in her stroller, where they glide down the slides and fly high on the swings for hours.

Like many others, their relationship stretches far beyond a teacher and student, or a mother and daughter. The two are also best friends, despite Lucy’s answer of “Dad” when asked who her best friend was.

Lucy said her favorite thing about her mom is that she loves the color green, pointing to the bushes in their yard to show the color.

Bourgeois said the rest of her Mother’s Day celebrations would include relaxing and watching the newest Game of Thrones episode.

Though the weather left the parks and playing fields in Andover scarce with families, some moms braved the cold to watch baseball games around town and walk their dogs, which for some, are their children.


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