Andover’s Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) was recently awarded two prestigious grants to support the preservation of our nation’s cultural heritage collections. 

In January, NEDCC was awarded a $200,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop a new “Digital Assessment Training Program,” to help train professionals at cultural institutions to assess their growing digital collections. 

The grant will create a framework for assessing digital preservation practices, and provide workshops in different regions of the country. NEDCC has also been the recipient of two-year grants from NEH’s Division of Preservation and Access for many years, which help support the Center’s vital preservation training programs for staff at libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations, as well as the freely available website resources and 24/7 disaster assistance for cultural collections damaged in floods, fires, mold outbreaks, and other damaging events.

The National Endowment for the Humanities supports the work of museums, archives, libraries, colleges and universities, public television and radio stations, and individual scholars. 

The programs funded by NEH help preserve and provide access to cultural and historical resources that tell the story of the history of our nation. 

The Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded a “Cultural Investment Portfolio” grant of $28,400, for general organizational support for the Center. MCC comments, “More than simply a traditional grant program, the Cultural Investment Portfolio is a vehicle to strengthen our state’s nonprofit cultural sector, not only through grants, but also through information, advocacy, and peer exchange.” 

The Northeast Document Conservation Center provides conservation, digitization, and audio preservation services, and has treated some of the country’s most historically significant books, maps, documents, photographs, and other paper artifacts. The Center’s Preservation Services department provides training for staff in cultural heritage organizations across the country.


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