An Andover High School graduate who now writes songs, plays acoustic and electric guitars, harp, keys and sings with his band, has done a complete re-recording of his first album and is convinced the new album is so much better because 11 years of music maturity has transpired.

Now nearing 30-years-old and living in Littleton, N.H., Adam Reczek was just 19 when he recorded that first album, Window Seat, in 2009. His new album, Window Seat II, comes out Aug. 22.

"Admittedly, the first album was a glorified demo likely unfit for human consumption," he laughed. "It was not my best work."

The AHS graduate, class of 2007, said he has been chipping away sporadically at the re-recording over the past five years before fully committing to the re-record about a year ago.

"The new record was produced by me in various incarnations of my home studio, recorded mostly at my parents' home in Andover on Blood Road," Reczek said.

Friends Zach Zimmerman (on bass) and Dan Yanofsky (on drums), both of whom are also from Andover, have been playing together since they were freshmen in high school. They perform on the re-record with Reczek. Chris Cote plays trumpet with them and is a musician from Reczek's current home, which is in the mountains in Littleton, N.H.

He calls the new album with eight original songs, an album that embraces simplicity and the innocence of youth. The song, My Town, written and sung by Reczek, is about growing up in Andover and his memories. Horn Bridge, Andover Deli and the commuter train whistle get mentioned while the trumpet closes out the song effectively.

"I've gotten better and I guess I am seeking redemption," said Reczek who enjoys his mountain life as he snowboards, is a mountain biker and loves the outdoors.

He graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont and is a product manager at Tender Corp. in Littleton. He's been part of the Burlington, Vt., folk and folk-rock music scene for years.    

Locally, the band's last gig was at West Parish Church in 2012 and it was pretty cool for Reczek when his guitar teacher took a seat in the audience. The new album will be featured at a launch party in Bethlehem, N.H.

"Window Seat II will be released on Aug. 22, the 10-year anniversary of the first time I released these songs in their infant state," Reczek said. "I hope people who heard the first album come back. It's much better."


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