Andover artist Carol Boileau is not only a master of painting, she's also a nature lover.

She's thrilled that her about-to-open exhibit at Brush Gallery in Lowell combines her two passions and she's teamed with her family to show how they interpret scenes from nature.

"Romance the Stone" features paintings by Boileau joined by photography, painting and poetry done by her two daughters and a granddaughter. These three generations of women celebrate the beauty of the ordinary stone in the exhibit.

Boileau is joined by her daughters Colleen Brandon and Tracy Phillips, who grew up in Andover, and her granddaughter, Caitlin Downey, who is Colleen's daughter. Brandon and Phillips were on the high school swim team and helped out when their mom taught special needs aquatics throughout the Merrimack Valley when they lived in town.

Strong, enduring and artistic in different ways best describes the women in this family and Boileau said this trio exhibit of photography, painting and poetry is a perfect way to share the family's story. The exhibit pays tribute not only to stones themselves, but to what they represent, Boileau said.

"We're a family of strong women who are enduring and smoothed by time, just like stones," she said.

Boileau insists we are all attracted to the natural beauty of stones.

"How many times have we slipped a pretty stone into our pockets, admired a craggy cliff, wondered about the boulder beneath our feet?" she asked. "Stones have been collected and have served many purposes. The enduring qualities (of stones) are associated with longevity and immortality."

For this artist-mom and Andover Art in the Park winner, it's a step off her usual artistic path. A frequent visitor to the American Southwest, she's a well-known landscape artist but said she has always admired the stones there.

Like her mother, Colleen Brandon is a painter and has always been captivated by rocks, particularly those gleaming and polished by the ocean. Tracy Phillips is a portrait photographer at heart, but has often turned her camera to the rocks of the New Hampshire seacoast.

Granddaughter Caitlin Downey handles the poetry for the exhibit.

"And we will be joined by two more up and coming rockers," Boileau said, noting two other grandchildren will have their art displayed in a small section of the exhibit.

Romance the Stone

Featuring works by Andover artist Carol Boileau

and her daughters, granddaughter

Brush Gallery & Artists Studios

256 Market St., Lowell

Oct. 31-Dec. 5

Reception: Saturday, Nov. 6, 2-4 p.m.

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