With the 2020 census less than a year away, Complete Count Committees are conducting outreach efforts and educating the public on its importance. The committees are coalitions of state and local governments, businesses and community organizations.

A kickoff event was held at Memorial Hall Library on July 11. It was hosted by Rep. Tram Nguyen, D-Andover; along with Rep. Paul Mark, D-Peru; the chair of the house committee on redistricting; and Georgia Lowe, partnership coordinator at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Mark geared focuses at the event toward the Merrimack Valley’s growing population since the last Census, and the importance of a full and accurate count in the redistricting process.

If a full and accurate count is achieved, Mark said the state could regain the congressional seat it lost in the 2010 census.

Mark said census data is used to allocate $650 billion in federal funding, and the closer the state is to a complete count, the more federal dollars will be brought in for local aid.

Lowe said the ten-question census can be completed by phone or online. She stressed the safety, ease and importance of responding to the census.



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