100 Years Ago

Nov. 14, 1913

Myerscough & Buchan, the proprietors of the Main Street Garage, have been exhibiting a 1914 Stutz roadster this week. The car is painted red with gold trimmings and black mud guards, which makes a very pretty combination of colors in contrast with the solid colors of other makes of cars.

The main axle of the steam roller belonging to the street department broke one day this week as the machine was going down Essex Street toward Abbott Village.

75 Years Ago

Nov. 10, 1938

The town by a 190-vote margin defeated hard liquor for consumption on the premises, thus throwing out eight licenses. Then, by an 80-vote margin, it approved soft drinks for sale on the premises and by the astounding plurality of 1,385 votes, gave an emphatic OK to package stores for all beverages. Hard liquor license losers are Town Grille, Country Club, Shawsheen Manor, Howard Johnson’s, Gloria Lunch, Jack’s Place, Hoffman’s and Louis Scanlon’s.

Henry Warren Barnard, who as trustee of his father’s estate was the largest private property-holder in Andover, passed away Tuesday noon after a long illness. The estate includes many residences, particularly on North Main Street, High Street, Temple Place and Barnard Street.

50 Years Ago

Nov. 14, 1963

A moving sign for the Gulf Station at Main and Chestnut streets has been turned down by the selectmen. Opposition was led by Town Counsel Fredric S. O’Brien, who flatly opposed the moving sign as a private citizen. He objected to the looks of the sign and to its distressing influence on motorists.

An interesting and informative talk on automation by Richard Barker was enjoyed recently by the economics classes of Miss JoAnn Samra and Charles Q. Adams at the high school. In his talk, Mr. Barker explained the meaning of automation and how it affects the public and industry.

25 Years Ago

Nov. 17, 1988

Last year, the Logo programming language was introduced to all third-grade students. Logo is a computer language that allows users to create geometric shapes and designs using simple programming commands. The goal of the schools’ computer plan is to have students in grades three, four and five become proficient with this programming tool.

On a mild, blue-sky day in Andover, somber, dignified ceremonies marked Veterans Day at Spring Grove Cemetery and Ballardvale Green. It was a sharp contrast to the previous year when a freak, early snowstorm struck the state, making it hard for those attending to remember more than their cold feet.

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