100 Years Ago — July 11, 1919

Tyer Rubber Company has recently engaged an industrial nurse to be always at the plant during working hours. A new law makes it necessary for every establishment which employs over one hundred persons to provide a rest-room for the employees and to have also a competent woman who shall take charge of this. Her duties shall be to administer fist aid and to receive all reports of injuries and symptoms.

Saturday morning at about ten o'clock quite a bit of excitement was caused in the square by a mix-up between one of the Andover Ice Company's employees and Charles Regus, proprietor of the lunch room on Post Office Avenue. Joseph Ingalls and Edward Ryan were delivering ice to the lunch room and an argument was started between the former and Regus over the delivery of ice. Words became hotter and Regus, it is claimed, drew a knife on Ingalls. Ryan joined in and managed to damage Regus' left eye quite badly.


75 Years Ago — July 20, 1944

Andover had its second drowning in a week's time last Sunday morning when Anthony Massaro, 16, of East Boston, met his death at Foster's Pond. He is believed to have suffered a shock when he went bathing in the extremely cold water. He had been fishing with a group of friends who left him on a raft near Sandy Beach when he decided to go swimming. They rowed a short distance away to resume their fishing, and saw him dive in and fail to reappear.

A large barn, twelve cows, nine heifers and 75 tons of hay were lost at the Shattuck Farm on River Road Sunday evening when a bolt of lightning struck the barn. Farmhands were able to save twenty cows before flames became so intense that further rescue work was impossible. Edward Shattuck was at his ice-cream stand when the bolt struck. Within a few seconds he fully realized that it had struck near, for it was not long before the building was a mass of flames.


50 Years Ago — July 24, 1969

Full military honors will be accorded Spec. Warren C. Deyermond of the Army's Fifth Infantry Division who was killed in Vietnam combat on July 14. The time and date of the services to be held from the Lundgren Funeral Home was not established officially up to Wednesday. The funeral arrangements are in charge of the Army.

"It couldn't be done and we did it'' seems to sum up the successful moon landing by two U.S. astronauts and their return to the spaceship which carried them from earth. The Townsman will have gone to press before the scheduled splash down of Columbia in the Pacific, but we'll be adding our best wishes for success right up to the last moment.

A photo shows Junior Campers enjoying a varied program at Camp Nokomis on Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H. Pictured are Ruth Weinroth, Anita Labell, Cynthia Erickson, Joanne Homewood, Priscilla Green, Sandra Kurth, and Susan Spector.


25 Years Ago — July 14, 1994

Peter DePesa is serious about building. And that's probably why he was hired last month as the town's newest building inspector. Mr. DePesa said a mini building boom taking place right now in Andover, one that is reminiscent of the building boom of the '80s, is keeping him and Michael Buss, the other building inspector, busy.

Construction in the area in front of South and Sanborn elementary schools could begin as early as next week, and new drop-off areas at South and Sanborn schools will be completed by Aug. 26.



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