The following items were taken from past editions of the Townsman:

100 years ago — Feb. 20, 1920

Yielding to an influenza illness of only a few days duration, Harry M. Eames, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, died at his home on Elm Street Saturday night. Mr. Eames had been troubled somewhat by a cold for about two weeks, but not until Thursday did it worsen to the point of confining him to his home.

Through the sudden death of Harry M. Eames, chairman of the Board of Selectmen and town assessor, this week's activity in politics has centered on the choice of his successor, and there are three candidates in the field for election day — Monday, March 1. They are William C. Crowley, Walther S. Donald and George A. Christie. They are all well known in town and need no introduction.

Ice on the rails interfered with cable car service Monday afternoon and evening, and for two hours cars were unable to climb the North Main Street hill below the railroad bridge. Service was resumed to Reading late in the evening.

The condition of Mrs. John Callum of Essex Street, who was seriously injured by an electric car while crossing Main Street, is slightly improved.


75 years ago — Feb. 15, 1945

One death has happened n Andover as the aftermath of last Thursday's record-breaking snowstorm, which disrupted Andover's community and business life for several days. On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Marie Velderman of 259 North Main St., walking on Haverhill Street because of the lack of cleared sidewalks, was fatally injured when she was struck by a runaway horse. Authorities are not quite clear as to how she sustained the fatal injury, but they believe, from the shape of the hole in her temple, that it was the shaft of the wagon that caused her death. The horse and wagon, owned by Sidney P. White of the Wild Rose Dairy, were backed up to the loading platform at the New England Dairy plant off Haverhill Street.

Curiosity about a large tear gas gun, described by Police Chief George Dane as an exceptionally dangerous weapon, and consequent fooling with the apparatus, resulted in the hospitalization of at least one man and painful injuries to another from the Tyer Rubber Co. last Monday. The men were reportedly fooling with the gun in the belief that it was a large stapling machine, and when it discharged, its contents were released full in the face of Louis Paquette, 45, who lives off Greenwood Road.


50 years ago — Feb. 19, 1970

A $1.3 million drug shipment was confiscated behind 63 Park St. Saturday afternoon by federal agents and police. What the shipment of boxes containing musical instruments concealing the 600 pounds of hashish looked like in the former lumber shed is shown in a photo. Officer Richard O. Aumais of the Andover Police Department looks over part of the 30 crates which were trucked into the rented quarters where the illegal drugs were seized. The crates had been broken open by the raiding party before the photo was taken. Two wooden boxes shown in the photo in the trunk of a rented car are ready to be moved from the former Pitman Lumber Co. storehouse before enforcement officials moved in. The open box shows slabs of hashish which had been shipped here from India.

A photo shows the top and sides of a truck badly damaged, but the driver was unhurt after he underestimated the clearance of the Horn Bridge a few days ago. Town officials are making efforts to have the famed bridge and Central Street renovated.


25 years ago — Feb. 23, 1995

Andover police are working with other Massachusetts police departments to find the killer of a Clinton man found near Burtt Road last week, killed by severe trauma to the head. The body of Julio B. Suarez, 56, was found by four Genetics Institute employees who first "thought they saw a pile of clothes by the side of the road,'' said Andover Detective Sgt. Kevin Winters.

If it works out as Chuck Murnane and David Lynch are planning, more than 150 youth and adult soccer players from the New Street Youth Football Club from Andover, England, will cross the big pond for a Labor Day 1996 weekend of "friendly competition'' here.




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