The following passages were taken from past editions of The Townsman.

100 years ago — Sept. 12, 1919

Mrs. H.F. Chase, while coming from her house on Summer Street last week, fell and broke her leg in two places. She managed to crawl back into the house where she was afterwards taken to the Lawrence General Hospital.

Patriotism, friendliness and good cheer were the outstanding characteristics of Andover's townspeople during their unique and perfect two-day Welcome Home event. Never in the history of the town has there been such a gathering of men, women and children, all happy, all eager to help each other and all proud to be citizens of this beautiful town. Such settings as the common, with lights playing on green leaves of trees and on the faces of hundreds of interested listeners on sunshiny Brothers Field will not soon be forgotten. The primary object of the occasion was to welcome home our men who went into military service for us.

Miss Mary Sullivan's house on Morton street was struck by lightning during the heavy shower last Monday evening. The damages are estimated to be nearly one hundred dollars.


75 years ago — Sept. 21, 1944

Local housewives are urged by the rationing board to use their blue tokens by Oct. 1 in groups of 10. These blue tokens will have no value after Sept. 30. The removal of many processed foods from the rationed list recently has made this step possible.

Staff Sgt. George M. Viveney died of wounds received in France while serving with the United States Infantry, according to his brother who received a telegram at his home at 63 Elm St. Tuesday.

A hurricane, for the second time in six years, struck Andover last Thursday night, doing little more than leaving local residents wondering whether the thing had been over-publicized and over-radio-ized or whether perhaps the first hurricane back in 1838 had removed everything removable, leaving very little prey for the 1944 one.


50 years ago — Sept. 25, 1969

With the coming of fall, the problem of smoldering fires from the burning of leaves adds to the ever-present air pollution nuisance. Many of our residents are afflicted with allergies and this smoke adds greatly to their discomfort. The Board of Health strongly urges Andover residents to place the accumulation of leaves on the side of the road where the Highway Department will soon pick them up with the leaf vacuum and deposit them in the dump.

A photo shows Kathleen Downs, head majorette of Andover High School's girl band, with her mother, Mrs. William Downs, during a pause in Saturday's football game. Kathleen is following in the footsteps of her mother who was a majorette with the band when she was in high school.

Patrolman William Stewart, a veteran of 32 years with the Andover Police Department, will officially retire on Oct. 4. Patrolman Stewart served for many years in Shawsheen and for the past several years has been in charge of traffic and parking in the center of town.


25 years ago — Sept. 15, 1994

Andover and Tewkbury police captured and arrested an armed suspect after a dramatic search just over the town line in Tewksbury last Thursday afternoon, Sept. 8, and charged him with holding up the 150 River Road branch of Andover Bank an hour earlier. He was also charged with robbing the same bank on July 27.

In 1824, the Marquis de Lafayette was invited by President James Monroe to a tour of the United States commemorating his service during the American Revolution. One of the places he visited was Andover — he was at the Rose Cottage briefly. Andover resident William Abbott Cheever (1907-1986) worked as a portrait painter, illustrator and muralist. He was also an alumni of and studio instructor at Phillips Academy. Now, Tom Edmonds, curator for the Andover Historical Society, and Town Manager Buzz Stapcynzki look at the restored Lafayette mural in the selectmen's meeting room at town offices.





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