The following passages were taken from past editions of The Townsman.

100 Years Ago — Aug. 8, 1919

J.H. Playdon's Florist Shop has been closed until September. Orders will be taken at the greenhouse on Lowell Street by telephoning Andover 71.

Miss Mildred Cole, of the Andover Steam Laundry, is having a two weeks vacation which she is spending at her home in Boxford.

Sergeant Major David Waldie enlisted in the British Expeditionary Forces in January 1915 and went the next month to France. From then until the armistice, this Andover man took part in most dangerous front-line work. In June of 1916 after the opening battle of the Somme he received the distinguished conduct medal. Sergeant Waldie was in the second battle of Ypres in April 1915, when he suffered a slight gas attack. From then on he was in the thick of the fighting.


75 Years Ago — Aug. 17, 1944

Box 58 at the corner of Brook and Essex streets sounded about 2 o'clock Sunday morning. Chief Buchan of the fire department probably had quite a few bad moments as he rushed to the scene of the fire, because a few short hours before he had learned that the low- pressure reservoir on Bancroft road was empty. The fire could have been the railroad station, St. Augustine's Church, Greeley's, the Playhouse; fortunately, it was only a flare-up in a car motor.

Another Andover casualty arrived home this week, several months after sustaining serious wounds in the ill-fated assault on the Anzio beachhead. Pvt. James M. O'Hagan of Baker Lane, on February 6, received four machine-gun bullets in the back and suffered a broken shoulder blade and chest wound.

In what may have been the busiest between-sessions meeting the Andover school committee has ever had, seven new teachers for the Andover system were elected at a special meeting Monday evening in Punchard High School.


50 Years Ago — Aug. 21, 1969

Thousands of Andover children will be enjoying the final full week of the summer vacation next week. This will be followed by the Labor Day holiday, Monday, Sept. 1, and preparation for returning to school for the 1967-70 academic year. Nearly 6,000 children are scheduled to be enrolled in public schools in Andover during the year. Some 4,000 others will be enrolled in private and parochial schools here during the year. Andover's new superintendent of schools, Dr. Kenneth R. Seifert, took over this month from former superintendent Edward I. Erickson who retired and is now on vacation.

Miss Pomps Pond for 1969 is four-year-old Jana Caldwell, 74 Red Spring Road, who won top honors in Monday's contest which was for children under ten years of age. There were 25 contestants seeking the queen's title. Judging was by the beach lifeguards.

The dress code for East Junior High School, revised and approved is identical with the one for the Senior High School. For girls: skirts, dresses or culottes which have skirts both back and front (no pant-dresses, shorts, pant culottes slacks or divided skirt). For boys: regular shirts with collars, crewnecks and turtle-neck shirts are permitted. These must be long enough to tuck into trousers (no T shirts), regulation trousers or slacks, (no bell bottom slacks or dungarees).


25 Years Ago — Aug. 11, 1994

Before there was "The Rock,'' Andover High School's student newspaper was the rock. A geological bullet located across from the High School's entrance, the rock has informed passersby of up-coming events for decades. "Go, Warriors! Beat Methuen'' it has yelled, glistening with a new coat of paint. "Goodbye, Class of '76'' it has weeped. Now, the rock may be moved. (Due to construction and a new road)

Approximately 250-300 friends and relatives remembered Christopher Marden during a memorial service at South Church Monday night. Christopher, 16, and his father Reginald Marden, 46, of 10 Orchard Street disappeared when their plane went down in Nantucket Sound June 6.

Thieves have stolen at least 36 bicycles in Andover during the last six weeks, and the thefts are increasing. Many of the bikes, especially the mountain bikes, are valued at $500 or more, according to Andover police Sgt. Barbara Connolly.


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