The following passages were taken from past editions of the Townsman:

100 Years Ago — Oct. 24, 1919

Never before in the history of the Tyer Rubber Company has such a great step been taken to form a more complete cooperation between the management and the employees than that which took place at the Phillips Inn last evening. It was a real get-together, the main purpose being to discuss the problems, if any, confronting everyone employed at the company.

Not for a great many seasons has there been such a promising beginning for a large and successful children's dancing class as that in the November Clubhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

About 30 men of West Parish and Shawsheen Village enjoyed the hospitality of Arden Farm on Saturday evening. Mr. Wood made a most delightful host. After a bountiful dinner, during which the guests were entertained with music, there were a few informal speeches.

An increase of $200 per year, beginning the first of January of the coming year, will bring the salary up to $1,100 per year for most Andover teachers. That will put them on the same level with teachers in towns with a population similar to Andover's.


75 Years Ago — Nov. 2, 1944

The Republican Town Committee is working in its headquarters in the Andover National Bank building. The number to call is 1739, a new telephone just installed. The chairman of the committee is Harry Sellars.

Andover voters were urged to "Vote Yes for Licenses'' on Tuesday, Nov. 7. "Prevent a substantial rise in your income tax. Continue the flow of millions of dollars paid to the state and nation by the alcoholic beverage industry. Don't permit your rights and privileges to be taken away and prevent the return of prohibition.'' Advertised by Diamond Spring Brewery in Lawrence, Harvard Brewing Company in Lowell, Cold Spring Brewing in Lawrence and others.


50 Years Ago — Nov. 6, 1969

Stupidity, sometimes referred to as vandalism, has denied Andover some valuable stained glass windows which were broken through the tossing of rocks through the glass at the chapel at West Parish Cemetery. The damage represents several thousand dollars, since the installation of the glass in 1908 was priced at $45,000, with the work done by Tiffany's in New York. The chapel was built by William M. Wood, owner of the American Woolen Company.

The Shawsheen railroad station, its architecture to blend with the Shawsheen complex composed by William A. Wood, was opened in 1921.

Henry C, Sanborn, for whom Sanborn School in West Andover is named, assumed his duties as superintendent of schools here in 1916.

The Town Meeting of 1929 voted to rebuild North Main street and postponed construction of the junior high school.

The Shawsheen Mills, now the Raytheon plant on Haverhill and York streets, was built in 1922, along with the administration building, garage, Main Street garage, power plant and the manor.

The Fourth of July observance in 1902 was punctuated by the sounding of an alarm for a fire in a windmill at the Curran and Joyce estate on North Main Street.

An investigation in 1921 revealed that West Andover had a quantity of hidden stills, some buried in camouflaged dugouts.


25 Years Ago — Oct. 27, 1994

A photo shows George Romney, father of U.S. Senate Republican candidate W. Mitt Romney, making a point during a political discussion Tuesday at the Andover Senior Center. State Rep. Gary Coon, R-Andover, is at the left in the photo. He is running unopposed for his seat in the Nov. 8 election.

Though several questions posed by residents remain unanswered, Monday night's selectmen's meeting produced perhaps the most significant progress on the Field of Dreams expansion project at Recreation Park since late last spring.

The School Committee took the first steps in a long school superintendent search Tuesday night, a journey it hopes will end July 1 with the placement of a new superintendent. Among the common characteristics discussed are management skills, interpersonal skills, administrative experience and experience at all curriculum levels.


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