The following passages were taken from past editions of the Townsman:

100 Years Ago — Oct. 17, 1919

Ruth Westcott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Westcott, was hit by a car the crossing in the square last Saturday. Although the only injuries the child received were slight bruises to her face, the many observers say that the car ran over her. The party's name and number were taken, but as it was nobody's fault, no further action is expected. (Ruth later became a school nurse for many years in Andover schools.)

The annual meeting of the corporation of the Andover Home for Aged People will be held on Tuesday evening, Oct. 21, 1919, at 7:45 at the Home, 4 Punchard Ave., for the election of officers and for the transaction of other business that may legally come before it.

Col. Evans, secretary of the Department of Labor of the American Woolen Company, is moving his family into his new home, the Garland house in Shawsheen Village.


75 Years Ago — Oct. 26, 1944

A vote in favor of having Andover among the no-licensed towns was supplemented by a decision passed Monday evening at a meeting of the Andover Council of Churches in the Memorial Hall Library. A committee to conduct a long-time project on temperance education in the community was appointed by President Thaxter Eaton.

Punchard High School's beautiful Andover playstead will be the scene of the high flying Punchard team's biggest game to date on Saturday, when Coach Doc Gordon's fast and flashy Stoneham 11 comes to Andover with fire in its eye and boasting of a record of four victories against a lone defeat.

Open house with a Halloween party will usher in the coming season of the Andover Guild next Tuesday evening. Benjamin Dimlich of the junior high school faculty will have charge of the guild for the coming year and he will be assisted by Mrs. Dimlich.


50 Years Ago — Oct. 30, 1969

Water usage in Andover is becoming a major problem and the need for a treatment plant is becoming more apparent, according to local officials. Haggett's Pond, the town's main reservoir, is currently 6 feet below normal level, not a serious problem as of the moment, according to Water Supt. Donald C. Bassett, but it reflects the need for some hard thinking as to the future supply.

Design of the new ramps for Interstate 93 off Lowell street is proceeding on schedule, according to Edward J. Ribbs, commissioner of the Department of Public Works.

Due to the tremendous interest in astrology and extra-sensory perception, the library has arranged an exhibit of books pertaining to these subjects in the outdoor display area.

Advertisement: Immediate Openings at Western Electric. Good starting rates, on-the-job training and liberal fringe benefits.

Wildwood Exclusive four bedroom 2½ baths, family room $47,500.


25 Years Ago — Oct. 20, 1994

When he graduated from Salem State College as a member of the sailing, diving and tennis teams, Joe Sweeney was the only three-sport athlete in his class. Today, the 79-year old chuckles over the idea that he was once a college-caliber athlete, saying that the word athlete is used very loosely. He laughs mostly because when he graduated in 1990 he was 75 years old. Today, he teaches tennis classes at the Andover High courts. (Sweeney was well-known as the ski instructor for the first Andover High School Ski team in the mid-1970s.)

A new building committee consisting of members of the Youth Council and the Shawsheen Extended Day and Kids Club programs met for the first time last night to continue discussing the possibility of the two groups sharing a building at Recreation Park.



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