100 Years Ago

Feb. 13, 1914

The Fire Department was called early Thursday morning to the home of Miss Alice Gray on Salem Street on account of a chimney fire coming from an overheated fireplace.

The trolley service between Andover and Lawrence was delayed on Thursday morning when one of the trolley wires in the square broke.

Frank L. Cole has been confined to his home on Elm Street for a few days on account of a carbuncle.

75 Years Ago

Feb. 9, 1939

The town warrant, which closes tomorrow night at 5, already has several articles listed for insertion. One of the most important will be the purchase of a site for the town house, with two alternatives being offered: $20,450 for the Shaw property or $12,000 for the Grout property between the Shaw site and the post office. The former includes more than 2 acres and the latter only about one-third of an acre.

Walter Selfridge Jr., of South Main Street, is being treated at Lawrence General Hospital for injuries received last night at 5:40 while coasting on Ballardvale Road. According to the police report, the driver of a car coming up the street on the right noticed the group of sliders coming down on his side and cut across, going off the road on the left-hand side. The little Selfridge boy, coasting down the hill on the left, plowed into the snow banking and was thrown off his sled into the right rear wheel of the car.

50 Years Ago

Feb. 13, 1964

A possible access out of Bernard Champys’s industrial land behind Raytheon Co. and progress in the excavation of gravel in the same area will be on the agenda of a joint meeting of town officials in the near future.

Marland Mills has reportedly been sold to a group that will subdivide the space to meet the needs of tenants. The mill was recently the subject of considerable debate when Town Manager Thomas E. Duff suggested acquiring the site for town use. His plan met with opposition from town officials and had to be dropped from consideration.

25 Years Ago

Feb. 16, 1989

Call it Green Acres or Petticoat Junction; by the end of the summer, Andover train riders will call it “gone.” Last week, the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority approved a $1.2 million joint project with the state to renovate both stations in Andover. In particular, the Andover stop at Railroad Avenue and Essex Street needs a complete makeover, transit officials said.

In-service days mean early release for Andover schoolchildren, who look forward to such days with anticipation. But for some downtown merchants and staff members at Memorial Hall Library, in-service days and the bad behavior of some of the early-release students are dreaded. At Thompson’s Office Products on Main Street, manager Janet Wallace says she sometimes has to limit the number of students allowed in the store at one time on in-service afternoons because of problems she’s had in the past.

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