100 Years Ago

Aug. 1, 1913

There was a large attendance at the band concert in The Park Wednesday evening when the Andover Brass Band made its first appearance in the new stand. After one of the hottest days of the year, the park afforded cool relief, and men, women and children took advantage of sitting on the cool grass and enjoying a musical program, consisting of classical and popular music.

Andover storekeepers will be interested to know that sufficient time having been given the dealers to prepare to meet the terms of the law and the regulations of the state board of health, the board is now ready to enforce the new act requiring that all cold storage eggs offered for sale at retail shall be displayed under signs plainly telling what they are or in containers plainly labeled with large letters.

75 Years Ago

July 28, 1938

Andover had its second drowning fatality in less than three weeks when a 15-year-old Malden boy disappeared in the waters of Foster’s Pond just before 5 last night. Both this and the Shawsheen River drowning of two weeks ago were caused by inability to swim.

A huge tree, at least 70 feet from roots to top, crashed last night about 7:30, narrowly missing the residence of Morris Williams on Brook Street in its fall.

Hyman Krinsky has purchased the old John Stewart estate on Bartlet Street at an auction sale.

50 Years Ago

Aug. 1, 1963

A giant cement truck tipped over on Route 133, at the driveway to the Rolling Green Motor Inn Monday morning about 8. Police said the truck started to skid, the driver swerved to avoid cars stopped in the street, and then slid broadside into an electric pole. The driver was unhurt.

The town’s much-publicized population boom may actually be only a tiny pop. Statistics for 1962, based on comparisons with the 1963 street listing, show only a net gain of 43 adults last year, although there was a lot of moving around.

25 Years Ago

July 28, 1988

To Steve Colyer, town physical planner, and the Planning Board, the term “old money” equals moldy performance bonds — money that a developer deposits in a trust account to guarantee that work started, like buildings, streets and construction sites, is completed. This is why more than $2 million sits active in special accounts. Some of it has been growing moss since the late 1970s.

The Townsman centennial celebration at the Andover Marriott last Thursday night featured a program filled with appreciation, entertainment and reminiscences about the community that the newspaper has served these past more than 100 years.

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