The show will go on — just a bit later than planned.

Due to weather concerns, Andover Day was postponed from Saturday of last week to Sunday, Sept. 22, according to town officials.

Rain and heavy wind expected in the forecast for last Saturday led to the decision to move the date of the town's largest outdoor event, said Phyllis Riordan of the Andover Business Community Association, the group that hosts the event each year.

Riordan said the tents set up at the event are only able to sustain winds of up to 25 mph.

Due to the date change, Riordan said there is no guarantee the Farmers Market will be part of the event.

"This Saturday (of last week) is normally their last Farmers Market. They don't go any further than past Andover Day," she said, adding that it's uncertain whether the market's participants will be able to stretch their operation two more weeks.

Andover Day will take place on Main Street from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 22.

The day will feature some 215 vendors, live music, food and a variety of activities. Cars will be prohibited on Main Street between Elm Street and Punchard Avenue. Admission is free.

According to a statement from the Andover Day Committee, Sept. 22 was chosen as the new date because it was when vendors and town departments had availability, and it didn't conflict with community events in neighboring towns.

"The committee had to work with nine different components and contracts to put this event in place," the statement reads, "the tent vendor, stage vendor, sound vendor, Old Town Hall availability, town support departments like police, fire, DPW, and music acts for both stages. All these pieces need to fall together to put this event together. Without one or two of these and we don’t have an event at all."

Riordan said this is the first time in the 13 years of the event that it has been rescheduled.


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