Robb Center gets $100,000 grant

Andover Senior Community Friends Senior Center Renovation Capital Campaign is receiving $100,000 from the Cummings Foundation. The grant will be used at the Robb Center.

Andover's senior center is one of 140 local organizations to receive the prestigious grant this year.

Former Andover resident pens new book

Sam Frykenberg grew up as the middle of three brothers in Andover, and has loved listening to and telling stories his whole life. 


That's why he wrote "Paradise," which follows the choices of six children who arrive to live at a mysterious island and encounter the mouthless stranger who lives there. Each is directed to complete a special task according to the unyielding rules of their new world, but testing the laws of their welcome may have consequences. Only through their special gifts, by trusting one other, and being willing to sacrifice what they value most will they be able to understand the island’s secrets and resist the lurking evil that threatens all that they hold dear.


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