The Andover Police Department is hoping to recruit more locals to potentially join the force, said police spokesperson Lt. Eddie Guy.

"We want to recruit the best people who are committed to the community and who have a variety of experiences to help make our department better," Guy said.

Guy is making this request for people to apply to take this year's Municipal Police Officer exam, as the deadline to apply approaches. The department recruits people off that list, and locals to the town are prioritized, he said.

Over the past few years they have seen fewer and fewer locals on that list of who took the exam, Guy said.

Now, with multiple officers' retirements approaching in the next year to two years, he said this is a critical time for people who love the community to potentially make their mark and join the town's police force.

"It's a hard time in policing, but we know this is a great opportunity for people to come into policing right now and actually make change," Guy said. "It's also incredibly rewarding to work with fellow residents and local businesses in town." 

They need people from all different backgrounds — finance, social work, information technology — because policing and the crimes people commit have changed significantly over the past few years, he said.

Once people take the test in June, their scores will be released in the fall, Guy said. That's when the department can start recruiting those people to join the force and start with the police academy, he said. Having the test completed allows someone to be on the list of potential officers and be recruited for a few years, Guy said.

Guy is asking that people interested in pursuing a career as a police officer sign up for this summer's State Trooper exam that will be held on June 12. Applications will be accepted until April 20. For more information visit


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