Some new faces joined members of the Andover High School marching band at the football game Saturday.

The band held its annual event inviting seventh- and eighth-grade students interested in joining the band when they get to high school to accompany the big kids in playing at the Warriors football game.

Carrying their own instruments, about 30 seventh- and eighth-graders joined the high schoolers at the game. The band marched onto the field prior to the start of the game, played the national anthem and then took their seats in the stands, where they continued to play throughout the contest.

Andover High School was playing Central Catholic High School in a home game.

Finn Scully and Gavin Cleary, both seventh-grade students at Doherty Middle School, were among the younger kids participating. Seated at the top of the bleachers, the duo stood ready to burst into song with the other musicians at each down, celebrating the Warriors' plays.

Finn, 12, who plays the baritone horn, said it was a cool opportunity to play alongside the high school students. He hopes to become a member of the marching band when he heads to the high school in two years.

For Gavin, 12, the game was more than just about playing music — it was about being a part of something big.

"It's not only the aspect of the music. It's the aspect of marching and being there with the band," he said.

Cleary, a member of the orchestra, admitted to feeling nervous prior to the event. He said he had a bit of an advantage, however, because he attends many of the games and is familiar with the songs the band would be playing.

The event is aimed at encouraging underclassmen to join the marching band by giving them a taste of what it is like to play with the group.


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