Boston King Cafe on North Main Street was given the green light by the Board of Health this week to reopen after its license was suspended last month due to health concerns.

The King is back — Boston King, that is.

The Board of Health voted 2-0 to rescind its October license suspension for Boston King Cafe after acknowledging a change of course by the North Main Street restaurant. The vote clears the way for the restaurant to reopen as soon as this weekend.

The restaurant’s license was suspended last month following a multiple-page, highly negative health inspection.

Since then, a new full-time chef has been hired. George Zaharopoulos, a 25-year industry veteran, assured the Board of Health that the new Boston King Cafe “will be the meeting place, the best.”

To regain its license, the restaurant must be fully restocked and adhere to a series of provisions from the Board of Health, including a fresh common victualer license from the town clerk’s office and what will be several frequent, privately conducted health inspections.

Along with those requirements, the reissuing of the license came with a stiff warning. Board of Health Chairwoman Candace Martin said she had reservations voting in support of the license, given the restaurant’s recent history.

“I know I’m hearing (improvements). I don’t believe it, but I’m going to propose to give you a chance,” she said. “I won’t see you here again, I hope. And if I do, then that’s the end of your business.”

Restaurant owner Sun Son said it wouldn’t be business as usual at his restaurant.

“Right now, the economy is not good, but the future is bright for us,” Son said. “The change is a very nice change.”

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