Two Andover students have taken it upon themselves to help those in need.

Suvir Virmani, 13, who is going into the eighth grade at Doherty Middle School, and his brother Somin, 16, who is about to enter the 11th grade at Phillips Academy, have raised about $1,405 on GoFundMe and around $200 in check donations for the Lazarus House to help provide food to those who need it most.

“I have been fundraising a lot previously and just seeing people in need and realizing that I am able to help, is always the motivation for me,” said Somin.

The brothers decided to start collecting food when they saw how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the unemployment rate. And when the brother contacted Ken Campbell, the director of the Lazarus House, Campbell said that he’s seen a 20 percent increase in families coming in for food on a weekly basis.

“We do porch pickups,” said Survir. “Whoever is donating the food will leave the food on the porch and we just grab it and put it in the car.”

The boys have been collecting pretty much everything, too, from cereal, to ground coffee and even snacks for kids who can no longer get them at school. Thus far, with the help of their mother, they have dropped off several SUV loads of food to the Lazarus House.

“We are planning to continue doing this throughout the summer, especially until normalcy can be re-established and people can go back to work and food drives and church drives can re-open” said Somin. “So the Lazarus House has its own steady supply of food and then in that case Lazarus House won’t be in dire need of food donations and that’s when we’ll start to lay off.” 

If you would like to donate, go to

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