The iron gate for the town's pond at Recreation Park was officially locked last Sunday, as Pomps Pond closed for the season.

This summer at the pond will most likely be remembered for its paddle board popularity.

"Our new stand-up paddle boards were a big hit this year,'' said Recreation Director Jessica Downing. "We even ran a paddle board program to teach the sport,"

Overall, it was a terrific beach season at Pomps, Downing said.

"There were no problems at the pond,'' she said. "This summer was a great success.''

Even high bacteria in the pond was not a problem this summer. Bacteria issues have closed Pomps Pond in past years, but not this summer.

"This summer, I think the weather pattern played a large role,'' Downing said. "In some cases, if we have a lot of rain or extreme heat in certain patterns, it can affect the (bacteria) levels, but this year the weather seemed to work in our favor as each week the pond was in great shape.

"We work with a water management company prior to opening to make sure the water is in prime condition for the summer,'' she said. "They report and treat for various weeds, etc., that could cause problems down the road. The town also tests the water weekly, so we are always on top of the counts."

Officials said hundreds of kids used Pomps Pond every weekday this summer as a variety of camps and programs were based there. Specifically, 300 to 400 kids used Pomps Pond each weekday. Camp programs at the pond ended Aug. 9, which seemed early to some parents as school didn't start for nearly three weeks.

"With school starting earlier this year, we ended our classic summer programs on Aug. 9,'' Downing said. "We ran additional programs during the two weeks before school started, though. We tend to lose a lot of staff that go back to college. Those that play sports tend to need to be back early for training," 

More than 200 beach stickers were sold and there was an increase in registration for a variety of programs this summer, officials said. Residents enjoyed the canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and grills for barbecuing.

"People also like to venture out to the other side of the pond by canoe or kayak and take in all of the wildlife and nature that the area has to offer,'' Downing said. "The pond is a great place to spend time with family and friends during the summer months. We offer a variety of programs on location at the pond and have extended our season, compared to prior years, so people can enjoy the amenities into late August.

"We have a very dedicated, well-trained staff at the pond that provides a fun and safe environment for participants,'' she said. "I can’t say enough about how great both our summer program and summer life guard staff was this year. They play a huge role in the success of our programs."


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