Candidate Profile: Paul Properzio wants to give back to the local schools

TIM LIMA/Staff PhotoPaul Properzio. 

Newly retired from his career as an educator, Paul Properzio hopes to continue having an effect on the education process by bettering his town’s public School Department.

“I want to give back to the school system that has given us so much,” he said. “Our daughter, Lucy, had such an excellent education, and I want to stay in touch with education now that I’m retired. I felt this was the best way to stay in touch and give back for all that the Andover Public Schools has given us.”

Properzio’s three top priorities as a School Committee member would be to ensure that all of the district’s children receive the best education to meet their individual needs, to see that the schools are properly funded and to hire the best teachers in every grade, from kindergarten through grade 12.

Though he has no prior School Committee experience, Properzio said he feels that his experience would allow for him to be a valuable asset to the board. He said that while working on different boards, or attending national conferences, he has learned to be a great listener and learner.

“Learning never stops for me,” he said. “I keep my ears and eyes open for trends. Sometimes, recent trends aren’t the best to give our students the best education possible. What I’ve done, and what I’ve learned, while in education would make me a good candidate to vote for.”

On Andover’s Special Education Program: “Obviously, our special education program’s shortcomings include the fact that not all students who qualify are receiving the special education they need,” he said. “We need sufficient funding for the program and more highly qualified teachers are needed. More transparency is also needed, so that parents and children are included in all topics relating to special education.”

On Full-Day Kindergarten: “I’d try to find out what the reasons are for the high price of full-day kindergarten in Andover, and see if we could bring that price down to be more in line with other districts, such as North Andover, which offers it for free. How can they have it, when we can’t? The $4,650 price per year of full-day kindergarten is too costly for the average family, regardless of where they live, even in Andover. I’d try to get to the bottom of that and make it a high priority when the School Committee meets.”

Paul Properzio

Age: 67

Address: 15 Ballardvale Road

Running for: One-year School Committee seat

Family: Wife Deborah; daughter Lucy, 27

Profession: Teacher for more than 30 years at public secondary and collegiate levels, retired as a Latin, Greek and myth tradition teacher from Boston Latin Academy in June 2014 after 17 years. Author of journal articles, reviews and book chapters.

Past community involvement: Board of the Professor John Rouman Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire; Editorial Board of Amphora, International Journal published by the Society for Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania; Barlow Beach Award Board of the Classical Association of New England

Past involvement with Andover Public Schools: Volunteer helper with reading and other subjects when his daughter was a fourth-grader at South Elementary School. Former part-time, permanent tutor of fifth- and sixth- grade students in a variety of subjects.


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