A dog that was accused of biting several Andover residents has been euthanized, police said.

Attorney James Krasnoo, who represented the dog's owner, Catherine Mazzuchi, presented a letter with the following message at a hearing Monday night:

"Kokomo Mazzuchi, neutered Siberian husky mix, was euthanized at River Road Veterinary Hospital on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at 3:45 p.m. by Dr. George Fountas, DVM."

The letter was signed by Fountas.

Police Chief Brian O'Keefe was scheduled to hold the hearing to determine whether Kokomo was a danger to the community.

Mazzuchi did not attend the hearing. Krasnoo declined to speak to a reporter before leaving Town Hall.

Douglas and Sandra Dukeshire, of 2 Penni Lane were among eight people who attended what turned out to be a brief hearing. Both said they had been bitten by Kokomo.

"We begged them (Mazzuchi and her family) to get a muzzle," Sandra Dukeshire said.

Douglas Dukeshire said he was bitten by Kokomo "right in our driveway" in March 2018. Mazzuchi's daughter Julia was walking Kokomo when "he blindsided me. He grabbed my arm and shook me violently," Douglas said.

The attack drew blood from his left arm, he said.

"He should have had stitches," Sandra said.

A month after her husband was attacked, Sandra was bit on the left thigh by Kokomo, she said. On that occasion, Catherine Mazzuchi was walking the dog, Sandra said. That bite bruised but did not break her skin, she said.

Lt. Edward Guy, spokesman for the Police Department, said Kokomo bit people over "an extended period of time." Guy said Mazzuchi, who used to live at 4 Penni Lane, and her family recently moved to North Andover.

"It was the family's decision" to euthanize Kokomo, Guy said.

"It's unfortunate," he said.

The people who said they were bitten by Kokomo shared that sentiment.

"They're probably hurting," Brenda Sullivan, of 1 Penni Lane said of Catherine Mazzuchi and her family. Sullivan reported Kokomo bit her on the wrist about a year and a half ago, according to a police report.

"I don't want to be too harsh on them," Douglas Dukeshire said.

Sandra Dukeshire said Kokomo was a victim of its owner's "irresponsibility."


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